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Judge Hanna on work, not bikini

Published:Wednesday | February 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM


It is shocking that Father Ho Lung, a priest who should be more than familiar with the doctrine of Christian charity, should make such uncharitable remarks about Minister Lisa Hanna.

As an old boy from the same class at St George's as Terrelonge, Edmonds, Rickards, Thwaites, Mahfood, Bobby and Douglas Hill, among others, I can attest to the fantastic work the Jesuits did in teaching us to respect other human beings, to protect the weak, and have compassion for the unfortunate.

For historical reasons of irrationality and prejudice, men have forgotten the need to treat women as equal, even though they constitute half of humankind.

Father Ho Lung, who would hate to be associated with misogynistic mass killers, rapists and psychopaths, might take heed of his order's founder's teaching: Judge not lest ye be judged.

Men who cover much less of their bodies than Hanna have never been censored by the priest.

In a world where beauty queens, unfairly, get stereotyped as shallow, cretinous and borderline prostitutes, it is worthy that Lisa Hanna has become not just a politician but a minister. She should be judged on the work she does, not on what kind of bikini she wears.



London, England