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Don't give up the fight!

Published:Wednesday | February 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Hello MI Neighbour with Maas Gussie

HELLO MI neighbour! How's the new year so far? Same, better or worse than last year? For some, it's either the same or worse. The rent is still piling up and jobs continue to be evasive. The roof of the senior citizen's house is still unrepaired because she cannot afford the few pieces of board and four sheets of zinc needed. Some neighbours are still 'toughing it out' without doors and windows etc. And yet, there are others who can help out! What a life eeen?

To my certain knowledge, some parents are still in need of help with back-to-school supplies. Some would like to do a little buying and selling to alleviate the burden, but do not have the start-up capital. Rose would like to rear chickens and Sammy would like to sell jerked chicken, but they just need a start. Are there any good Samaritans in the house? Please contact me.

In this newish year, the bed-less are still longing for a comfortable bed rest at night. Ownership of amenities like stove, television, refrigerator, dining table, settee etc. still remains a dream for many. Despite their circumstances, however, giving up for them is not an option. They will continue to fight, with all their might, for a better life. That's right!

And Bob Marley agrees:

"Get up, stand up, don't give

up the fight

Get up, stand up. Life is your


So we can't give up the fight

Stand up for your right, Lord,


Get up, stand up. Keep on

struggling on

Don't give up the fight."

(Written by Brownie, Cleveland/Johnson, Wycliffe/Gordon, Rexton)

But there's always a bright side! Sandy has received enough clothing to share with another family. Cynthia received enough food to share with another family of five. A St Mary neighbour, who was tired of the wood fire, received a gas stove from Ena, St Ann, and it's "working nicely - no more smoke in my eyes, praise the Lord!"

Eulalee, St Andrew, received the cash needed to start a little snack business from Mrs Brown, St Catherine. Her daughter can now get lunch money for school. Isn't that wonderful?

And I can see smiling faces at these acts of neighbourliness! And more persons could have been smiling if more persons were coming forward to help needy persons. Is it too much to ask all of us (rich, poor, black, brown, and white) to put a smile on someone's face every day for the rest of the year? What a happy year this would be!

"So now we see the light

We gonna stand up (for one

another) for our right"

Thanks For Helping

Claudette, for offering a bed to her neighbour.

Adassa, for offering a surger to a neighbour.

Ms Pryce, for offering a sewing machine to Pauline, Clarendon.

Simone, St Catherine, for offering a sewing machine to a neighbour.

Lisa, St Catherine, for offering a bed to a neighbour.

Jennifer, St Catherine, for offering clothing for the entire family.

Opportunities For Helping

Tasha, St James, asking for five sheets of zinc to complete roof.

Neighbour, asking for a crib or a playpen.

Meeka, St Andrew, unemployed mother of four - asking for a combi-robe.

Omar, Manchester, asking neighbours for some building material to construct a little room.

Kerryan, St Andrew, unemployed mother of five, caring for her own mother who got a stroke. Asking neighbours for a second-hand computer to start online business

Trying woman, St Andrew, asking neighbours for a straight stitch industrial sewing machine.

Gee, St Catherine, unemployed mother of three - unable to work due to an illness. Asking neighbours for a sewing machine. Children attend school haphazardly.

Andreen, St Catherine, asking neighbours for a stove, TV and clothing for 14-year-old son.

Marcia, Westmoreland, single mother - asking for board windows - house fell apart.

To help, please call 334-8165, 884-3866, 299-3412 or deposit to acct # 351 044 276 NCB. (Bank routing #: JNCBJMKX) or send donations to Hello Neighbour C/o 53 Half Way Tree Road, Kingston 10; e-mail helloneighbour@yahoo.com.