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Track record, popularity keys for Garner - BCA deputy

Published:Wednesday | February 11, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Jermaine Lannaman, Gleaner Writer

Dayton Smith, first-vice president of the Barbados Cricket Asso-ciation (BCA), believes the track record and popularity of Joel Garner are what West Indies cricket needs at the moment.

Garner, who has been president of the BCA for seven years and since then a director of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB), is down to challenge incumbent Whycliffe 'Dave' Cameron for the position early next month.

"Garner has been head of the BCA since 2007, and during that time there has been a number of quality developments, including the professional paying of players, which the WICB has now adopted," said Smith.

"Secondly, his background as a former player and administrator gives him a complete view of cricket in the region.

"Thirdly, he has been on the WICB board and has been chairman of the WICB cricket committee.

"And, perhaps most importantly, Joel Garner is a household name worldwide and a president of his stature will be able to unlock doors others cannot."

Smith, a banker by profession, also spoke about the candidacy of Cameron, saying the Jamaican's handling of the India tour's player boycott, as well as other issues, has made him unpopular in the eyes of many.

"I don't want to get deeply into the issue of bashing Mr Cameron," he said.

"However, what I can tell is that Mr Garner is a very good candidate and as you are aware, at the moment Mr Cameron is unpopular in a lot of quarters.

"You can look at the last two years of his presidency and the incidents which occurred to determine if he has been a good president or not, particularly as to the way he handled things like the Indian controversy."


Jamaican Cameron and Barbadian Garner were duly nominated last weekend, with the former gaining nominations of the Leeward Islands Cricket Association and Guyana Cricket Board and the latter the BCA and the Trinidad and Tobago Cricket Board (TTCB).

Cameron will have Windward Islands Cricket Association president Emmanuel Nanthan as his vice-presidential candidate and Garner, TTCB director Baldath Mahibir.

The Jamaica Cricket Asso-ciation's board directors last week voted to support the candidacy of Garner.

This decision, however, could be overturned if a proposed resolution of no-confidence vote is cast against president Wilford 'Billy' Heaven, as well as talks of a membership vote on the issue is realised at the JCA's next annual general meeting set for Tuesday.