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Corporate Hands - Jamalco drives technology at Hayes Primary and Junior High

Published:Thursday | February 12, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Jamalco Alumina Refinery recently donated three computers to the Hayes Primary and Junior High School that were placed in the school's library. Leo Lambert, corporate services and government affairs manager, said the computers were donated to open up a brand new world for the children who do not have access to computers.

According to Lambert, the information super highway is the new game, and cautioned the children not to get trapped on the Internet.

"If you are not on there, you are going to be left behind. It opens up a new world, both bad and good. You can widen your horizon by visiting the educational sites," Lambert said.

Principal Marsha Latchman expressed gratitude to Jamalco for the computers. She explained that the school had for several months been trying to upgrade the library and she is overjoyed that Jamalco has come on board and has given the school a start in the right direction.

"We are really excited that we now have three computers on which children can go to research, and they can no longer make excuses for not completing their research assignments," she said.

Latchman added that the computers will be effectively used, and reiterated that the computers would solely be used for school-related purposes.

"We are now determined and fired up to transform our library to represent a school that is on a mission to become a school of choice," she said.