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Columbus committed to Ja's development - Fazio

Published:Friday | February 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Tanikie McClarthy, CBS Writer

Columbus Business Solutions' (CBS) Director of Business Development Andrew Fazio maintains that the company's superiority in all areas has kept it at the top of the Jamaican telecommunications business ladder.

According to Fazio, CBS's success can be narrowed down to two main areas - our expertise and our network.

"At CBS, we provide a number of cloud-managed services that companies may not be aware of, or if they are aware, they are not very knowledgeable about these services and we are there to help them throughout the process," Fazio noted.

He said the current aim of CBS is to focus on "taking the complexity out of IT".

He added: "We have an incredible network and now we are focused on helping companies use innovation to become more efficient and more productive."

Fazio explained that businesses are currently experiencing a shift from company-owned and operated IT to more managed services.

"Companies are no longer thinking they are going to build their own data centres and hold on to their products. It's become really accepted that cloud is the future. There is no longer a decision to be made," Fazio stated.


Meanwhile, the CBS executive underscored the importance of pushing education as a pillar of national development.

"We are out there in front of our customers and affiliated associations to make everybody know what we can do. Today I would call it First World services, if not better. Columbus' focus has always been to give back in education, so we provide a tremendous amount of free service to schools," he said.

Fazio explained further that more than 150 schools now benefit from Columbus' free Internet-in-schools programme (Building Leaders) and "that makes me and my colleagues feel proud to be part of the Columbus family, a company that truly is trying to help make the industry better".


Zooming in on his own role and function at CBS, Fazio underscored the need for people who are serious about business advancement to go the extra mile in ensuring that their companies remain ahead of the game.

Using the example of Jamaica's growing hospitality and business processing industries as areas in which CBS' investments and hard work has paid off, Fazio noted that his company has achieved significant milestones in these sectors.

"There is a huge demand in the hotel industry for CBS' services now. Today, we represent close to 22,000 rooms for cable TV of the 25,000 rooms on the island. We are also doing a great job in supporting the BPO sector, which has very large data and customer service requirements. The BPO sector has been identified by the Government as a key industry to create jobs in Jamaica. But the key, from a technology standpoint, to supporting this growth is having the staff in place and the network," he said.


Fazio said he is eagerly anticipating the merger with Columbus Business Solutions/Flow with LIME later this year.

He insists that such a combination will turn a formidable alliance into reality that will offer customers a whole new suite of solutions.

"I am looking forward to that. It's a great opportunity to merge two companies that come out with the best of the best," Fazio stated.

He added that the new company will have access to a wider network, innovative solutions and great ideas.

"Jamaica has such a large upside," he said, pointing to the logistics hub initiative and the fast-growing BPO sector.

"These are the things that inspire us and allow for the continued growth and achievements of CBS," said Fazio, while expressing happiness with the growth of the telecoms industry in Jamaica and Columbus' own involvement over the past decade, which he described as "First World".

Fazio noted that "we do not have broadband to everybody, so there is a lot more work to be done," and reiterated CBS' commitment to being a positive part of Jamaica's future.