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Robinson wrong on Senate case critique

Published:Friday | February 13, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I think attorney-at-law Gordon Robinson is joking. Let me request of him to read what the Jamaican Constitution says in Section 41, and write another article changing his joke into seriousness.

How could a learned attorney-at-law read and understand this section of the Jamaican Constitution and come to a conclusion that the court erred in ruling that the action taken by the present opposition leader in the firing of two of the senators was a transgression of the Constitution of Jamaica?

Mr Robinson, I am not an attorney-at-law, but I am blessed with being able to read and understand what I have read. Having read Section 41 of this Constitution, in my own words, only a senator or a member of the House of Representatives can make his seat vacant. He can do so by resigning, or by transgressing any of the rules set out by the Constitution that could make his or her seat vacant.

In the case of the two senators who were said to be fired by the leader of the Opposition, they refused to resign, and they did not transgress any of the rules that could make their seats vacant.

Get real, Mr Robinson!


Sav-la-Mar, Westmoreland