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JLP far from ready

Published:Saturday | February 14, 2015 | 12:00 AM


My heart bleeds for the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and the lack of direction and leadership of the party. Mr Holness cannot manage. He doesn't inspire and seems very petty. When I hear him speak, I feel like taking a nap. He lacks substance, integrity and the vision expected in a leader.

The first response by Mr Holness to the recent court ruling that declared his action using signed undated resignation letters to oust two senators as unconstitutional was that there would be no change in the Senate as a result of the ruling! He would've been better off reserving his comment until he was better advised.

Leaders will encounter differences and disunity all the time; it is how they manage them which makes the difference.

One hoped Mr Holness would've used the court ruling as an opportunity to extend the olive branch, to make peace, heal, and move on. Instead, Mr Holness gave a distant apology from inside a church, without taking full responsibility for his actions.

And what's the point now challenging the ruling by taking this further to the Supreme Court? The ruling didn't surprise most Jamaicans. Why would anyone think of using pre-signed, undated resignation letters in the first place, unless they rule with a deep sense of insecurity and fear?

Holness indicated he returned the other signed letters long before this court ruling. Big deal! The damage was already done, as he used two letters to oust senators Tufton and Williams, who opposed his leadership in the last challenge.

The JLP is being run like a private members' club, a lodge with its own culture and by-laws, with no regard for what's in the best interest of the country.

arrogant holness

I have to disagree with Ian Boyne who, in a recent Sunday Gleaner column, 'Is Holness man enough to rule?', said Mr Holness is far from weak and doesn't hold any grudge and appears to be conciliatory. For sure, Holness didn't have much choice but to reconcile with Audley Shaw.

But on the contrary, Mr Holness comes across as arrogant, spiteful and insecure. These are not admirable traits one would hope to find in a potential prime minister. And if the JLP is leading in the polls, it is by no means any reflection on Holness' leadership, but rather the general mood of a disgruntled and fed-up Jamaican electorate!

Just look at the recently announced 'reshuffled' shadow Cabinet, which was unimpressive. It was like reshuffling a deck of old playing cards. The shadow Cabinet should give voters an idea of what a new government under the JLP might look like, but Mike Henry at 80 years old, seriously? And Pearnel Charles who must be late 70s?

It is so obvious the JLP is far from ready. The only hope now is for a new leadership challenge to shake things up and purge some of this nonsense and get on with the real business of the Opposition. The country deserves at least that.