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Dedication, hard work dealt Ingrid a great hand of 'Cards'

Published:Monday | February 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Jody-Anne Lawrence, Lifestyle Reporter

She was taught strength from a woman she loved dearly that strength and perseverance made Ingrid Card, the newly appointed vice-president with responsibility for group marketing at Sagicor Jamaica Limited, the woman she is today.

Born in Kingston, Card was raised by her grandmother, Amanda Card, in St Elizabeth. She remembers her childhood being fun and full of joy.

"My grandmother was everything to me. She was my world," she recalled. She noted that this was a touchy topic for her, since her grandmother passed away two years ago. "I think she knows how much she meant to me but I just wish she was here so I could continue to tell her," she ended.

She described her as a woman small in stature, but posesessing a strong personality, hard-working and resourceful. It was those personality traits that she adapted - but it was not always the case for her.

While Card was relatively good at her work when she began her career in the hotel industry, she remembered a colleague who everyone always asked for assistance. At the end of the year, he was awarded employee of the year and she started to evaluate herself to see how she could achieve this same accomplishment. One thing she did realise was that she was not yet as focused as she should be.

"I was young and about having fun, so I was not applying myself as much as I should. You know when you are young - in your 20s - and just enjoying yourself. That was it,"explains Card. After her colleague's achievement, she decided that it was time to start applying herself more - working harder. The following year, she became employee of the year.

"That taught me that I can accomplish anything that I put my mind to," she noted.

She then went on to work in the marketing department of a newspaper agency. While there, the very proud St Elizabeth Technical High School graduate decided that she would further her education. She left Jamaica for the United States to study at Florida's Everest University. While she was relatively accomplished in her career, she believed that education was also important. She worked hard and received her Bachelor of Science in International Business with a minor in Marketing, graduating with honours Summa Cum Laude - the highest possible one can receive.

In 2009, she became a part of the Sagicor family, one she is proud of. She started at the company as marketing manager and was then promoted to group marketing manager before being promoted to her new post. She looks forward to continuing to build the company's relationship with their customers.

"I love everything about working at Sagicor." She explained that the teamwork towards a common goal was something that she admires and that it's a place where individuals are allowed to grow.

But Card also has another love - her dog, Coco, and reading. She admits that she will read anything that she can get her hands on.

"I think to understand our little world, we have to understand the world around us," notes Card.

When it comes to advice to youths, she says to put in the work at all times, regardless of the circumstances. She believes nothing is achieved overnight or without hard work, so to accomplish your goals will require putting your whole heart into it.