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Published:Monday | February 16, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Written and compiled by: Kareem LaTouche and Stephanie Lyew

Some persons will say that the
'90s were the last decade in which persons invested in forming genuine
relationships or showing true emotion. Technology has not only made it
easier, but simplifies the way persons communicate through the attempts
to build and maintain virtual relationships, with the use of a mere
emoticon. With Valentine's Day gone, we remember the Top 5 forgotten
gadgets of the 90s that made persons work harder to communicate and be
creative with expressing appreciation of one another.

1. Motorola Startac: The small clamshell design of this mobile
phone was the first thing that caught the buyer's eyes. The Motorola
Startac was also one of the first mobile phones to introduce vibration
alert. The earlier models had an antenna and functioned mainly to make
and receive calls. Only the later digital models had the SMS messaging
feature. This meant that persons spent more time speaking rather than
tiring out their thumbs on the keypad.

2. The Pager:
Also known as the beeper, is a battery-powered device that has the
capability of receiving a radio signal and transmit an incoming message.
The message is usually an alert that tells the carrier that someone is
trying to communicate with them via telephone. More advanced beepers
could receive alphanumeric data which made it possible for the users to
receive text messages and see the contact information of persons trying
to connect through call. This made it an effective way to make quick
call backs to persons whose calls you may have missed.

3.Palm Pilot: This Personal Digital Assistant or PDA device helped persons keep a detailed record of contacts, day-to-day tasks, take notes and had basic applications such as the calendar, date book, expense report and calculator tools. PDAs were handheld personal computers which reminded the user of important dates. Some versions had wired and wireless capabilities in fact, in 1996, Nokia released the 9000 Communicator (considered a best-seller) which was close to a mobile phone. Palm was also released in the same year. Now re-invented as tablets.

4. Sony Walkman: Thinking of putting a compact disc together of your other half's favourite songs? Well, a CD may not be the first option nowadays, but once you owned a Sony Walkman or even any other portable CD player this would have been your first idea, along with a picnic at a park and a long list of activities. Apps on mobile smartphones have made it easier for persons to keep a record of songs that are played frequently and even automatically create personalised playlists with these songs. Not much time or effort is required to make something special these days.

5.Facsimile Machines: Taking it too far? Well the facsimile machine, fax for short,connected to an answering machine, telephone and Internet service was a way for persons maintaining long-distance relationships to send quick messages or thoughtful messages as well as images. Businesses applied this tool to general tasks such as sending contracts and important documents to partners worldwide as well. But we take note that fax machines meant that you could send hand-written notes and illustrations via an inexpensive means rather than waiting weeks to receive these simple letters through the postal service.

Apps This Week For Android, Apple, Windows And BB

Screenshot Easy for Android: This screenshot application is what the name suggests, screenshot easy.  It allows users with Android phones to utilise screenshot tools to capture notes, images, conversations and other details on screen whether or not the phone is rooted.  The user can share or edit the screenshot directly from the app in a matter of seconds.  Once the Screenshot Easy app is downloaded and installed,users will only need to turn on capture and hold the 'Power' and 'Volume down' buttons or 'Power' button and 'Home' icon simultaneously to make a screenshot.  Sidebar: This is one of the best apps downloaded on this writer's Huawei Y330 and is also compatible with Huawei Ascend among other Android phones.

Screenshot Maker Pro for Apple (iPhone): The iPhone is already pre-installed with screenshot utilities.  For those who do not know, iPhone users are only required to hold the "Home" and "power" buttons down at the same time and a screenshot will be saved directly to 'Photos'.

However, Screenshot Maker Pro is a free, supplementary application that allows users to add frames to the PNG image captured through screenshots.  It was updated on January 31 of this year to include iPhone 6 frames and only takes up 38.1 MB or phone memory.  I is only at version 1.5, so look out for more updates from the developer.

Screen Capture for Windows:Similarly to iPhone, Windows phones developers have made it easy for users to take screenshots.  Windows Phone 8 users will capture the screen display by pressing and holding the 'start' and 'Power' buttons, while Windows 8.1 users do so by pressing the 'Power' and 'Volume up' buttons simultaneously.  The screenshots are saved in a screenshot album in the photos hub.  Although quite a few mobile phone devices utilising the Windows platform have experienced difficulties, this is where Screen Capture comes into the picture, literally.  The app is an accessory for devices that have not seen able to complete simple screenshots of texts, notes and images to share with other Windows phone users.  The app is free, but check the reviews and Windows app store to confirm that your device is compatible.  Works well with the Nokia Lumia series.