Kaleidoscope of expressions on fabric

Take a stroll, shoot random pictures, superimpose them, employ technology, pour tradition and create expressions - sounds like a heady concoction? This is what Rodell Warner is out to do, giving defined space to asymmetries.

Dewdrop II explores classical Chinese painting

Classical Chinese painting has a long history and is one of the oldest continuous artistic traditions in the world. The art form distinguishes itself from other cultures' arts by emphasis on motion and change with dynamic life.

A passion for Jamaica

Sharing their amazing collection of pictures depicting Jamaican life, collectors, Volney Fray and his award-winning wife, poet, Louisa Calio-Fray, have unveiled the country's changing landscape in moving black-and-white and colour images.

Pointers on publishing - What's your purpose?

Many of us are asked that question, but do we really know the answer? How do you answer such a question anyway? All you know is that you're here on Earth doing what you were told to do all your life and you know no different than to think that there can be something else, something better or greater.

SHORT STORY - The air show

So, it was off to the air show. It was a holiday, after all, and I needed the break. My blood pressure had risen to a deadly 140/90 and I was not about to drop dead before I experienced the big 4-0.

Vernon 'Mullo' Moller's legacy added to National Collection

Jamaica has had many great musicians and Vernon 'Von Mullo' Moller is no exception. After Don Drummond, 'Mullo', along with Rico Rodriquez, is regarded among Jamaica's best trombonists.

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diG Jamaica

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