Sake - the Divine Brew

Sake, the potent confluence of spring-fed water and grains of rice, has been an integral part of Japanese society, and Noriyoshi Nagai's family tradition for six generations.

This is your moment - own it!

One of the things I made a decision to do was to keep myself motivated each day. Sometimes I do not get the chance to sit down with a book to read as I would like to, but I can plug into some motivational audio or subscribe to some inspirational quotes that keep me driven and my eyes on my goals each day.

The uninvited guest

It was my daughter Juanita's seventh birthday. Family members and friends were assembled around our large dining table, which was beautifully decorated for the occasion.

POEM OF THE WEEK - Customer service

When Customer Service/departs/all comes crashing in/crashing down/once there is no trust/no one comes through your doors..

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