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Ideas and the process, according to the fundamental principles of Apple, is a product of those who are round pegs in square holes, and those who see things differently and, most times, the bulb glows when one least expects it.

Jamaican artist opens to rave reviews

The very first piece of art to sell when the prestigious exhibition, 'Through the Window', opened last Sunday was a sculpture by Swift River artist, Kingsley Thomas.

Zinzi Samuels - Building her creative brand

Creative directors are conceptual thinkers with a keen business sense. They formulate the innovative concepts that support a company's brand, marketing, product, or web-development goals.

Gifts from the 'Art' - New Christmas cards and posters at NGJ Gift Shop

The National Gallery of Jamaica (NGJ) Gift Shop has selected a number of popular Jamaican art works from their collection to offer as Christmas cards.

Short Story - For the love of pork

Like most of the residents of Hillock, Donald Morrison loved pig meat. For years, he had managed to hide his partiality to pork from his girlfriend, Doris, a deeply religious girl who regarded pigs and pork as disgustingly unclean.

I did not take that class

I have taken many classes in my life. Since I was about five years old, moving from primary to secondary to tertiary levels of education, doing a bachelor's and a master's degree, plus post-graduate certification in specialised areas has had some influence on where I am today.

POEM OF THE WEEK - The 'Trickster God' Awakes

Advent season now begins/ Light a purple candle/We await the birth of Christ/Child swaddled in a cradle/This the baby soon to be/Yeshua, Saviour holy...

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