Quest to trace roots - A volunteer initiative catalogues Jewish graves

It was at The United Congregation of Israelites' cemetery at Orange Street, the only Jewish cemetery in Jamaica where people are still being buried, where Arts and Education caught up with a group of volunteers from the United States on Sunday, January 18.

The power of words that inspire

It's been a great journey so far and so much more to come. I am thankful for such great people supporting and encouraging me on my initiatives. One of them is Shauna Fung Yee. She's responsible for the title of this article for that's what she calls me, 'Ms Caribbean Oprah'.

SHORT STORY - The closet lover

Moving to a new home wasn't my idea, it was my mother's. I loved my old house. And on top of that, the room in which I was supposed to be didn't even have a decent closet. It had not double doors, but a single brown door that opened into seriously limited closet space.

Film seeks to answer burning teenage questions

A young college student involved with an older man and facing big decisions ... should she give him her virginity? Should she succumb to his desires of having unprotected sex ... or should she wait?

Tales of intrigue and complex desires

In eight vivid tales, Fulani weaves a colourful tapestry of raw human emotion, pulling readers into the distinct worlds of her protagonists as they grapple with a life that one character's granny calls "a vale of tears".

Jamaica Music Museum to host Grounation series

This year's fourth staging of the annual Grounation series by the Jamaica Music Museum (JaMM), a department of the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ), will commemorate Black History and Reggae Month, celebrated in February.

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