+The soft lights reflected off the row of framed, black and white photographs, and as sun set in the distant horizon and the trees swayed in the cool evening breeze at Redbones Gallery in Kingston, the hues in the skies provided a creative perspective...

Bob Andy honoured at inaugural Signature Conversations

In an effort to raise the national cultural discourse beyond the Independence celebrations held on August 6, the Ministry of Youth and Culture in collaboration with the Institute of Jamaica (IOJ) hosted the inaugural Signature Conversations on Sunday,...

'Body Politics' explores feminine symbolism

Throughout the centuries, the female anatomy has been featured in many art forms as artists represent the female body in different, but captivating ways.

REVIEWER -Victory in the jaws of defeat

REVIEWERVictory in the jaws of defeatTitle: I was a soldier: Survival against the oddsAuthor: Necola HallPublisher: Hansib Publications Ltd, 2014Whether drafted or joining the military voluntarily, you are embarking on a life-changing experience.

'It's what they do!'

Enough was enough. This relationship of theirs was just one big circus, and Kendra was the main attraction. Day after day, night after night, Michael was clearly taking her for a complete fool.

My tribute to Sir Howard

Many great leaders have left us and many more are yet to come. However, Sir Howard Cooke's indelible impression on the Jamaican populace will be lasting and will certainly remain with us for years to come...

Climate-change issues in 'Limbo'

The time to act is now, if Jamaica is to have any hope of slowing, much less mitigating the deleterious effect of climate change on its environment.

POEMS - poem of the week

Mandela riseNelson Mandela, riseMandela rise Yes, Mandela rise againThe first black president in the black man's countryHis spirit revivedHis body revivedAnd energy let him smileHe did not fall because he had exalted himselfHe did not...

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