Antigua's potent mix of heritage

Most potent mixtures come in small packages, it is said, and this could be true for a piece of heritage that is tucked away in Antigua.

Artists 'face' Jamaican Arts Odyssey

From June 29 to July 6, Great Huts in Boston, Portland, hosted nine artists in its Jamaican Arts Odyssey programme.

M is for marketing, not magic

Yes, I know both words begin with M, but hear me out. Marketing is an activity that never stops. It is meant to be continuous, consistent, persistent, creative, innovative, applicable and appropriate, among other adjectives I could have used.

'The Goodies on Her Tray' reflects on women's issues

Poetry is the most intricate way of writing, and according to Shelly-Ann Harris, writer of the book The Goodies on Her Tray, she loves to express herself this way as it takes a lot of dimensions to ensure the message conveyed in the poem is concise and intricate.

2013-2014 JNBS Foundation Resolution Project Cycle

This cycle's theme, 'Resolution X: My Generation', reflects self-esteem and weight insecurities found among young girls.

'Arts for a Better Future'

ABF is designed to train advocates of the arts, people who can help a community recognise, value, and plan to use their own arts to meet sustainable developmental needs and goals.

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