Azan building new gaming lounge

Gassan Azan, through his company Sizzling Slots Limited, is constructing a 14,000-square-foot gaming lounge, sports bar and restaurant at 100 Hope Road in Kingston, with capacity for 150 seats.

Chik-V lessons for small businesses

In her first month on the job, an employee made a revelation many may find stunning.

British couple offers diaspora link through JAM TV

With a 400,000 investment in a broadcasting business, JAM TV, a British-Jamaican couple is hoping to connect Jamaican businesses with the United Kingdom (UK) market even as the operators themselves seek to broaden their client base.

Small market for big beer

The introduction of the one-litre bottles of Guinness and Red Stripe beer brands has had little traction on the local market, according to sellers of the products.

PetroCaribe presents spillover risk to beneficiary countries, says IMF

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has advised Jamaica and other Caribbean member countries of the PetroCaribe oil facility that they remain vulnerable to changes in the financial terms of the accord and should consider building up buffers.

A moment for Caribbean reflection

Four weeks ago, this column urged the Caribbean to begin to think the unthinkable. It suggested that there are some individuals whose values are not those of the vast majority and who mean harm to those who live in the region or who visit.

Motorists without jobs - Are they a bigger risk?

I have worked with a government entity in Jamaica since 2011 but we separated a few months ago. I am now in the process of seeking alternative employment. When my motor policy was about to expire a few weeks ago, I decided to see if I could obtain better terms elsewhere. I approached two other insurers. Both of them refused to insure me because of the fact that I am unemployed. As a result, I had to remain with my existing insurer.

Saving to buy land

I am a 24-year-old subsidised teacher who is now in my final year of teacher training college. I would love to start saving towards a loan to purchase land. At this minute, I am earning $36,900 after tax. I am seeking your advice in order to make my first step.

Top gas mileage goes to Mitsubishi Mirage

The non-hybrid new car with the best gasolene mileage rating in the United States is not a Honda or Toyota. It's a Mitsubishi that's priced less than the average cost of a used car or truck.

Service without a smile: why airlines aren't nice

Passengers cherish Virgin America for its mood lighting, live TV, fancy cocktails and friendly flight attendants. That nice-guy approach to air travel wins awards and attracts a cult following, but may not fly with Wall Street.

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