Court grants Palmyra depositors priority status

Jamaica's Supreme Court has handed a victory to investors who paid deposits on condo units in the unfinished Palmyra development, with a consent order that essentially ranks them as top-tier creditors.

GOJ seeks self-financing rail operation, three show interest

With its main aim being to avoid new financial obligations, the Government of Jamaica is pressing ahead to put the railway back on track by soliciting investors with a game plan.

Investor confidence remains weak

The performance of the equities market for the quarter ended June 2014 reflected continued weak investor confidence, according to the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) quarterly monetary policy report released by Governor Brian Wynter last week.

Palace makes a loss as movie sales fall

Cinema operator Palace Amusement Company has made a loss of $12.2 million for the year ended June 30, 2014, a near 188 per cent fall-off from the previous year, amid falling sales and rising administrative expenses.

Red Stripe profit triples on sale on overseas investments

Desnoes and Geddes Limited, which trades as Red Stripe Jamaica, reported profit of $3 billion at yearend June 2014, a near one-third of which resulted from the sale of two overseas investments.

Grant-funded Banana Board lacks vitality, AG lacks vital funding

The Banana Board, established in 1953, is woefully lacking in accountability - the last available accounts were December 2012 and the 2013 accounts are "under review".

BRIC wall: Brazil's economy slips into recession

Brazil's economy, once an emerging-market darling, fell into recession, according to government data released Friday, as millions of new middle class citizens tightened their belts and further dampened a credit-driven spending spree.

Banks voice 'serious concern' over funding rules on shorts and swaps

Banks are sounding the alarm about a proposed global rule aimed at forcing them to fund themselves more safely, warning that it could have "severe" knock-on effects on short selling and other important equities market transactions.

A quick guide to the Scottish referendum

Scotland will vote on September 18 on whether to become independent from the rest of the United Kingdom (UK) and end a 307-year-old union with England.

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