EDITORIAL - Ganja lessons for US

Jamaica is again ranked as a major illicit drug-producing or transit country in the US State Department's annual report on global trends in the illicit narcotic trade - not for the first time.

Fighting chikungunya

THE EDITOR, Sir: As we are in the midst of a raging chikungunya outbreak, I would like to propose to the Ministry of Education to relax the school uniform rule and have the children dress...

NWC - an agency gone wild

THE EDITOR, Sir: The recent decision of the principal of the Irwin High School to close the school for lack of water drew media attention.

JPSCo, illegal connections, gigantic rates

THE EDITOR, Sir: The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) is certainly not doing enough to investigate the enormous illegal connections which exist throughout the country.

Improving public safety

THE EDITOR, Sir: Jamaicans here at home and across the globe have earned a mark of respect for our resilience, creativity, and abilities to vocalise our dissidence against any system that fails to recognise the dehumanisation of our brothers and sisters.

Jamaica needs a victim compensation fund

Mario Deane's family has refused government funds to help with his burial on the grounds that the Government will not accept liability for Deane's brutal and tragic death as a result of being beaten...

The heartless Canadian Embassy

Just recently, the Canadian Embassy changed its policy.

Entrepreneurship training gives youth false hope

It appears we have somehow concluded that merely training someone to become an entrepreneur will empower poor people to provide for their family and inevitably lessen/eradicate the high levels...

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