EDITORIAL - Something to learn from the Ardenne acquisition

An advertisement by Ardenne Preparatory and Extension High School on Sunday raises interesting possibilities for the management of schools in Jamaica not far removed from a suggestion that has been advanced by this newspaper, or even the...

Keiran King: Jamaica is not a democracy

If we didnít lie to ourselves, life would be unbearable.An honest appraisal of our bellies, billets and bank accounts would lead most of us to depression, so we enchant ourselves with comfortable falsehoods. We say that inner beauty is what matters...

Book bright but dim elsewhere

Maybe I'm getting old or am truly a cur-mudgeon at heart, but I must confess to being more saddened than elated by the published CSEC exam results that show many of our children gaining distinctions in multiple subject areas...

Dissing can be deadly

Less than a week after Mario Deane allegedly dissed a policewoman and was banished to a cell at the Barnett Street Police Station, where he was turned into punching bag, a group of policemen in Kingston didn't seemed to have learnt anything from the...

Check roaming rates before travelling

LIME Jamaica has noted with importance the letter written to you titled 'Shocking $89,000 phone bill', which appeared in your publication on Monday, August, 18, 2014...

A less-than-grand Gala

THE EDITOR, Sir:The Independence Grand Gala is an event that a lot of persons look forward to each year to celebrate Jamaica's rich culture and heritage.

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