Hopeful for education

Yesterday's start of the new school year was not without some of the accustomed glitches and complaints - the inadequacy of furniture, problems with registration of new students, and the matter of distribution of Smarter Cards required by students to...

Boosting resilience in the Caribbean

Having lived and worked for more than a decade in four Caribbean countries I have witnessed first-hand how Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are extremely vulnerable to challenges ranging from debt and unemployment to climate change and sea level...

Silence sometimes speaks

I see James Forbes has landed on his feet. On August 26, the Observer carried a 'report', headlined 'SRI appoints James Forbes as corporate security consultant', which turned out to be a warmed-over Sandals press release.

What if we rethink school?

Last week, the Ministry of Education released some of the 2014 CXC pass rates and my heart broke.

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