EDITORIAL - Jamaica's head-start on Cuba

Barack Obama's announcement of his decision to thaw and normalise America's frigid relations has inevitably triggered a flurry of discussion, including in official circles, on the impact this policy shift may have on Jamaica and its partners in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM).

Public Affairs - If the Cuban embargo is lifted

As a doctoral student in the United Kingdom, I had the opportunity to visit Cuba a few times as part of my thesis field research examining that country's recently introduced foreign direct investment laws and the impact on their tourism, tobacco and rum industries.

Dem think Obama easy!

Mi no know wa di Republican dem a go do wid Obama. Dem meet dem match. Look how long dem a nyam up demself over im. Obama a president fi more an six year.

Biting into Lisa's bikini

How much time should we spend on something so small as Ms Hanna's bikini? Because it excites and arouses such interest. A lot!

Reset button on Cuba

N 1959, the then ongoing revolution in the neighbouring country of Cuba was to reap success. Fidel Castro led a band of mercenaries out of the Sierra Maestra mountains to overthrow the Cuban dictator, Fulgencio Batista, who had seized power by way of a coup in 1952.

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