EDITORIAL - Tackling unemployment

Bike taxis are proving to be a major challenge to the police in Westmoreland. For one thing, passengers are put at risk since they do not wear protective gear. And, many reports indicate that some of these bikes are not licensed and may not even be roadworthy.

Unlocking Caribbean's energy potential

Energy security is at the top of the agenda for Caribbean leaders, and it has been for some time.

Not for the squeamish

There is one thing that elicits the most intense reaction in a man and causes him to flinch as if from grave physical injury, but worse since its effect is psychological and may be caused by memories and fears deep in the psyche, genetic or racial history, and buried very deeply in the subconscious.

Why blame Lisa Hanna, Father Ho Lung?

I wonder when was the last time Father Richard Ho Lung visited a beach. He would be shocked at the 'nudity' he finds so appalling with reference to Lisa Hanna's beach picture uploaded on social media.

Vision 2030: halfway or half-blind?

At the risk of jumping on the new year bandwagon a month too late, I invite my fellow Jamaicans to pause in this watershed year to consider the progress we have made in accomplishing Vision 2030, namely, making "Jamsaica the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business".

Save the mangroves

Jamaica is such a beautiful country, but garbage seems to be plaguing almost all neighbourhoods. One of the areas where pollution has been taking a huge toll is the Kingston Harbour and some coastal areas of Portmore (St Catherine).

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