EDITORIAL - The truth behind high energy costs

It is something of a cruel joke for Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller to stand in front of an audience in 2014 and declare that high energy costs are the single, greatest deterrent to the country's economic growth.

More to lose from the Cockpit Country plunder

In Petre Williams-Raynor's excellent article 'Bauxite price tag put on Cockpit Country', we are told that the boundary "advanced by the Cockpit Country Stakeholders' Group ... would deny access to some 300 million tonnes of bauxite, valued at some US$9 billion".

AstroTurf and sockpuppets

Anyone who ever played on artificial grass, known as AstroTurf, knows that if you fall, skate or trip on the stuff, you get badly burnt and bruised, and it takes long to heal.

Pay attention to threats

I am not one for writing letters to the media or to politicians. However, I feel compelled to write as I struggle to recover from chikungunya.

Respect school counsellors

Each day, our news media report stories of child abuse and senseless killings. Our children are faced daily with horrific trauma in their homes and communities, while there is a segment of society who bilk elderly individuals out of their life savings or extort persons for rent of their own homes.

JUTC driving customers away

On Saturday, July 26, 2014, I had a bad experience at the Jamaica Urban Transit Company's (JUTC) East Parade office. Customer service was lacking, and the customer service representative (CSR) appeared to be devoid of any training and experience in customer service.

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