EDITORIAL - Tivoli enquiry: confronting the past

Jamaica has sadly not confronted its past as it relates to the intersection of violence, particularly gun violence and politics. Now, we have been handed another opportunity to explore the uncomfortable alliance in local politics between politicians and criminals whom they have wrapped in decent garb and called 'area leaders'.

Kings and queens before we were 'niggers'

I resisted watching the movie 12 Years A Slave for almost two years. I stayed away for the same reason I don't need to see pictures of car accidents or mutilated bodies or sex tapes. I get the idea just from hearing the account: I don't need the imagery of a moving painted picture.

Greece plays David

Greeks seemed unlikely revolutionaries on Sunday. The world media turned out in force to cover the election of Europe's first radical, anti-austerity government, and the police maintained a heavy presence in the centre of Athens.

The lady and the lewdest

The local Roman Catholic Church is in a tizzy. Rumour has it the church is facing an identity crisis never before experienced within its righteous rectals (oops, sorry, rectories). The story on the road is that one of its own, a monsignor no less, was caught, in flagrante delicto, perpetrating heterosexual acts.

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