EDITORIAL - Seeking fuller context from PJ

P.J. Patterson not only has a good brain, but is an astute politician who, as prime minister of Jamaica, spoke deliberately, weighing his words with seeming care. He was known to explain to people who complained about his style that it was better that way. It was more difficult for him to be taken out of context.

The ghost of Christmas past

For those who celebrate the symbolism of Christmas, it used to be almost magical. It seemed to take forever to come back around, and the season was filled with community and church activities, shopping, concerts, parties, carolling, cool temperatures and family time.

Is Obama that na´ve?

We all pity the people of Cuba who have lived under tyranny and deprivation most, if not all their lives. The things we take for granted they can only dream of. Therefore, any help offered to them must be welcomed, provided it is offered in principle and in such a way that it will help them and not their oppressors.

Manley, Seaga and the Cuba time bomb

As one who, from childhood, took on more than passing interest in the absorbing political chess games of the 1970s between arch-rivals Michael Manley and Edward Seaga, it had always seemed to me that Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Cuba were the prize.

What is Christmas, really?

So,another year has almost passed and Christmas is upon us again. The time of year when we reflect on the birth of someone we are told is our Lord and Saviour, who we better accept or we burn eternally in Hell.

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