EDITORIAL - The UK's new federalism

Scots voted last week by a comfortable 10 percentage-point margin to stay in the British union. Yet, the status quo has been irrevocably changed. It is important for Jamaica and its partners in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to begin to pay attention to emerging events in Britain and how they will have to engage a reconfigured United Kingdom (UK).

Jamaica's global competitiveness

It is not surprising that the Government has seized the chest-beating opportunity provided by a generally positive change in Jamaica's standing in the latest World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report (GCR). It is what governments do when tangible evidence of economic success is not available.

Big Tingz A Gwaan pon NewsTalk93FM

UWI radio station a broadcast news big an broad inna 'patwa'! Mi rather call fi wi language 'Jamaican'. Same like how di English people dem talk English, a same so wi talk Jamaican. Mind yu, wi talk English, too. Dem force it on pon wi. An wi tek it fix-fix it up fi suit wi.

That's why peace prevails

The average Jamaican citizen, male or female, has the innate capability for aggression. This trait has been recognised in the reaction to someone 'mashing yuh kaan'.

The cure for chik-V

I think it's pretty clear that the health ministry underestimated the extent of the chikungunya outbreak. I'm no statistician, but if I know more than a dozen people with it, there can hardly be only 31 cases on the island. And that was before Andrew was a suspected case.

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