It's hardly a surprise that the spate of resignations from Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ), including its new executive director, Kay Osborne, has been interpreted by some as a crumbling of the human-rights organisation.

A speedy recovery to Mr Clarke, but ...

This newspaper is sorry to hear of the illness of Roger Clarke, the agriculture minister, and the fact that he is to undergo surgery, which will keep him out of office for as long as nine months.We wish Mr Clarke the utmost success in treatment.

Keiran King: How to think for yourself

Imagine an algorithm ó letís call it Voxbot ó that scours the Web, scooping up editorials, interviews, blogs, posts and tweets. Voxbot figures out what people are talking about, and when it finds a cluster of similar opinions, it generates content with the same slant...

Get serious with tax collection

It was a fascinating read in The Gleaner of July 14, 2014, which stated that Tax Administration Jamaica (TAJ) would be mobilising its forces to "chase tax delinquents".

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