EDITORIAL - Why the NSWMA continues to fail

Jennifer Edwards should never have been given the job from the start. She is trained neither in waste management nor logistics, and had not, insofar as we are aware, distinguished herself in any area of management.

When you don't matter anymore, just leave

There are many factors influencing the decision of Cabinet ministers who are failing badly in their posts to cling to their jobs like a pickpocket sprinting through a crowd clutching a fat wallet.

Calling all vaginas

I am in sympathy with all vaginas in the world, irrespective of race and class and place of abode. Vaginas all over the world need to form a union in order to try to get some inoculation against diseases.

More than the Queen, Mr Farrakhan

I have always been mesmerised by Minister Louis Farrakhan, who I consider one of the greatest orators/debaters of our time, although I could never endorse his religion, which treats women as second-class citizens. But that's another matter.

BRICS are stumbling, Mr Editor

THE EDITOR, Sir: The Gleaner's recent editorial about the economic opportunities available to Jamaica in the BRICS countries was misleading, to say the least. These "booming" economies are not booming; they're stagnating.

diG Jamaica

diG Jamaica

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