EDITORIAL - Clarify e-cigarette ban

Though bunglingly implemented, the ban on smoking in public places and the other initiatives introduced last year to reduce the use of tobacco were, broadly, good public policy.

Mario Deane witness mystery escape baffling

THE EDITOR, Sir: We find recent developments in the Mario Deane beating death case troubling.

Why should taxpayers bail out JLP, PNP?

THE EDITOR, Sir: Although I welcome the proposed amendment to the Representation of the People Act, I am concerned about a number of issues with it.

Chik-V bites into US tourist

THE EDITOR, Sir: I am writing to you with regards to the debilitating effects of chikungunya.

Extra lessons gross overkill

THE EDITOR, Sir: It is a mere three weeks into the new school year and once again the issue of extra lessons has arisen.

If Peter Espeut would just bugger off

It is ironic that on roughly the same day the world was exposed to the intellectual brilliance in United States Appellate Judge Richard Posner's opinion overturning bans against gay marriage in the states ...

That big, fat, dirty, gay lie

Every Government must work to protect its people.

Whither goes Scotland?

David Cameron has pledged to stay on as prime minister of the United Kingdom if Scotland becomes independent as a result of tomorrow's referendum.

Give The Gleaner credit that's due

Once again, veteran columnist Ian Boyne has presented an incomplete analysis of media fare in his In Focus column of Sunday, September 14.

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