EDITORIAL - What Ben Bradlee might teach us

The name Ben Bradlee is unlikely to ring a bell for most Jamaicans. Many may, not unreasonably, question the relevance of him being eulogised in these columns.

Sam Sharpe, Paul Bogle and Native Baptists

On National Heroes' Day, there was, in The Gleaner, quite appropriately, a feature saluting our national heroes. However, there were mistakes concerning the religious affiliation of two of our national heroes, namely, Sam Sharpe and Paul Bogle.

Please do not legalise marijuana

THE EDITOR, Sir: I would like to add my thoughts to the discussion on legalising the use and production of marijuana for recreational purposes.

The Commission of Enquiry - daytime drama?

There is a lot of banter about The Commission of Enquiry into the May 2010 West incursion, which is expected to commence in a couple weeks.

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