EDITORIAL - Sensible move by Paulwell

Though tempted, Phillip Paulwell, the energy minister, didn't accede to folly.The Energy Monitoring Committee (EMC) continues to exist...

Hear the poet speak

To rudely paraphrase the late Rex Nettleford, the quintessential intellectual and man of dance and letters, greater truths are often arrived at via the creative imagination than from hard facts and figures.It is in that context that we welcome last...

Good cop, bad cop, stressed-out cop

So yet another cop has killed himself, following fast on the heels of a policeman who, days earlier, killed his spouse and then himself. Unfortunately, these murder-suicides and attempts are not uncommon among our cops and now barely cause eyebrows to be raised among members ...

Super form is still super ideal

On January 2, 2014, a single form, the Business Registration Form (super form or BRF), was implemented for the registration of new companies and business names at the Companies Office of Jamaica (COJ).This form effectively replaced numerous forms that...

The Ten (Thugs) Commandments

With the recent upsurge in violence within our inner cities, I wondered if thugs live by any (criminal) code...

The power of grace

During this Easter season, while we recognise that not everyone celebrates the significance of the season for various reasons, the key thing is to simply be grateful, appreciative and thankful that Jesus did come and lay His life down for us all....

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