EDITORIAL - Jamaica's obsession with garbage

Jamaica has been suffering from extreme environmental abuse and degradation for many, many years. So the headline 'Jamaica is swimming in garbage' (Gleaner, August 25, 2014) would have been greeted with the perfunctory shrug of the shoulders.

Coming and going

However you take it, flying Caribbean Airlines is a trip. It is, however, a 'trip' in the sense of what one of my friends callously said to me when my foot hit an obstacle in my path and I pitched forward, eventually falling flatly on my butt. "Have a good trip," he said.

Gone overboard with university binge

In recent times, it has been difficult to understand the concept of a university. Why did we not call some of these institutions something else? Why a university?

Give UCJ more power

I am writing in response to Letter of the Day, 'Colleges, students must share blame in accreditation mess' (August 29, 2014). I am in agreement with the author on the point that institutions that are faced with the issue of accreditation should be open and honest about it.

Who is burning down St Mary countryside?

Over the past couple of months, I have had to make regular trips from Kingston to St Mary, travelling through the Junction road. On each trip, I have been alarmed at the increasing amount of countryside that has been burned over the period.

Caribbean Airlines workers made my day

Usually when I receive poor customer service, I complain or I get very tempted to report the individual. On the other hand, when I am the recipient of GREAT customer service, I feel it is my responsibility, when necessary, to give credit where it is due.

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