EDITORIAL - Get help on tax compliance

Peter Phillips would have been absurdly na´ve if he didn't anticipate the criticisms of the J$6.7 billion in new taxes, especially the levies on bank withdrawals he announced last week to close the gap in the Government's Budget.

How Facebook can become useful again

When I signed up on February 22, 2005, TheFacebook.com had one purpose (and one million users). There was no Like button, no App Center, no News Feed. It was just a directory...

Not-so-premature at all, Mr Robinson

This is a response from the Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM).INDECOM notes the errors in Gordon Robinson's column published on April 22, 2014 titled 'Premature adjudication'.

Why evade tax evaders?

As a nation, few would argue that we are not where we could be. Jamaica needs a politically engaged middle class as the corrective force. As a group, the middle class has often seemed unmoved by Jamaica's many societal problems...

A Psalm to lift the spirits

HELLO, MI neighbour! Some days can be rough, eeh? You are never right and everyone shows you unkindness.

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