EDITORIAL - Shameful, Mr Shaw

There are many reasonable and rational people who believe - wrongly, we hope - that Audley Shaw, mainly for the sake of self-vindication, wishes for Jamaica's reform agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to fail and for the economy to crash and burn.

The point of prayer

Continuing its anti-religion campaign, on Wednesday, November 5, The Gleaner treated us to 'Prayer is pointless' by guest columnist Dr Ethon Lowe. One is not sure of Dr Lowe's expertise on the subject, but one hopes the good doctor knows more about medicine than he knows about prayer.

We need clarity, reasoned debate on Outameni issue

Frequently, the truth is not always what the majority believe, and Martin Henry's article, 'Media, mob and Outameni madness' (Sunday Gleaner, November 16, 2014), is the very example of this admonition.

NHT a godless organisation

News that 75 per cent of National Housing Trust (NHT) contributors will be unable to qualify for housing benefits points to an oppressive and unjust institution that is intrinsically atheistic by nature.

Schäfer gets a lifeline

Maybe the most relieved man on the park after Jamaica's penalty-kick victory over Trinidad and Tobago to win the Caribbean Cup was coach Winfried Schäfer.

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