EDITORIAL - Waiting for the JLP's economic policy

It is nearly three years since the Simpson Miller administration's return to office and, therefore, just about two years before a general election is constitutionally due.

We need a revolution

As the controversy surrounding the purchase of 'Outameni' unfolds, and as the plot thickens, it has become apparent that there has been dishonesty and a serious lack of credibility on both sides of the political divide.

Chatter from the pork barrel

Who remembers Arnaldo Brown? That's the young man whose first major public declaration after his election to Parliament three years ago was of drooling support for the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), the barrel from which MPs get to dispense slivers of pork and dollops of rind to their constituents. Mr Brown wished for more.

Survival in the global marketplace

One of the failures of governance in our nation has been a lack of communication with the population on issues which have a serious impact on our lives.

A nation of the walking wounded

My experience with the chikungunya virus (chik-V) has, so far, spanned 11 weeks and counting. Heralded by fever, joint pains, then excruciating headaches, the symptoms persisted, somewhat reduced by analgesics until the first relapse in mid-September.

Marital rape a myth, seriously?

Having sexual intercourse with anyone without that person's consent is rape in law, whether the one who has not consented is wife, sweetheart or whomever. This is true, too, for Christian couples despite some misunderstanding of Paul's point in 1 Cor 7:1-6.

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