Did reggae lose its way? A quick look at the past, present and future

Last year, it was disappointing news for Jamaica's reggae/dancehall music industry as the billboard reported weak sales for the local artistes. That was not always the case, as music coming out of the island was once vibrant, coveted and enjoyed good performance on the market.

Kaci Fennell cocktails and 'Kacidillas'... ...As Triple Century host Miss Universe viewing party tonight

Triple Century Sports Bar and Grill is the place to be tonight, as the official viewing party for Miss Universe Jamaica Kaci Fennell gets under way.

John Holt to be honoured at Jazz Festival

Organisers of the Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival have tapped some of the best roots rock reggae stalwarts to present a tribute to the late John Holt.

Who killed Tanya Blackburn?

That's the big question as the new season of 'The Blackburns of Royal Palm Estate' premieres tonight on CVM

Music legend Sam Cooke hailed as the greatest

The high point of male vocalising in popular music was epitomised by the mellow-toned, crystalline vocal delivery of Sam Cooke. Musicologists worldwide have given Cooke the nod, as far as singing talent was concerned, placing him ahead of others like Nat King Cole, Roy Hamilton, Ronnie Dyson and Luther Vandross.

Moving the marijuana

There is no shortage of pro-marijuana songs in Jamaican popular music. Still, it is an illegal substance - although one for which the law has been long applied inconsistently, even ahead of the current climate of a more relaxed approach to possession of a few ounces, while as a nation, we consider how far the United States is going to go and how quickly we should follow.

The aftermath of Rebel Salute 2015 - Don Smart's performance the most talked about, says promoter

Reggae artiste/event manager Tony Rebel has come to the defense of iconic reggae artiste Leroy 'Don' Smart, following allegations that the Ballistic Affair singer was booed during his set at the recently concluded Rebel Salute.

First-timers reflect on Rebel Salute 2015

Singer Sophia Brown, who was crowned Best Female Lovers Rock Singer 2014 in Hartford, Connecticut, says she was pleased with her outing at the recently concluded Rebel Salute 2015 at Richmond Estate in St Ann with a short but clinical performance.

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