Kandi & Ka-el Karnival kicks

Carnival season is already in high gear, and for every banging carnival costume, there is an exciting pair of boots to complement the outfit and contribute to the grand fanfare experience of the carnival road parade....

Lighting her path

Living your dream is not something that everyone can say that they get to do. Interior Designer Dana Baugh is one of the few that is experiencing this luxury...

Love and sex weekend in Atlantic City

It was hard to find hotel rooms in Atlantic City last weekend as thousands of enthusiastic devotees of love and sex occupied all available rooms for a ringside seat to see what was new at EXXXotica 2014, the largest love and sex...

Carnival makeup 101

With your soca body in 'wuk-up' shape and your costume purchased for 'chippin' down di road', all that is left to seal the deal for the road march is some dazzlingly artistic carnival make-up.For those soca...

Krysta weighs in

"While the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, "The only thing that is constant is change." I needed the collaborative efforts of Franklin Roosevelt and Heraclitus as I embarked on this new phase of my journey....

'I am not my hair'

You may have seen the picture of this week's naturalista on various natural hair websites and wondered who she is, what's her hair-care regimen, and what's the story behind the face.

Season of prints

A season of frolic and fun is what can be used to describe 2014 prints and the way they make the individual feel while wearing them. These prints possess the quality to be soft and demure but, in contrast...

If it's one thing I hate it's waggonists!

Over the past few weeks, Liverpool FC, one of the most popular football (or soccer for the North American among us) clubs in the world is within touching distance of winning the top-flight title in England...

Should I sign a prenuptial agreement?

Discussions regarding prenuptial agreements are usually emotionally charged because the people who have thought about them tend to be either strongly opposed to them or strongly in favour of them...

Adam and Eve 'Spa-Tastic' Week returns!

Last year, the team at the Adam and Eve Day Spa premiered its 'Spa-Tastic Week' that saw many Jamaicans coming out and indulging in the premium relaxation...

What is in a bra?

For most of us, since the age of 10 we were introduced to our first bra. Our mother called it a 'training bra' - mine were pink and baby blue, and clasped in the front, but it would open at will, especially during physical education....

The right approach

When done right, approaching the person you are attracted to can fulfil your heart's desire, but a total disaster when done incorrectly.Women are getting increasingly annoyed and turned off by men's...

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