Made up to jump!

Recently moving back to Jamaica after being in England since the age of 16, make-up artist Mitty Surtz is certainly making her mark on the faces of women.

LIME social media fans to select 14th lucky couple for 14-14-14

Fans on LIME's social media pages cast a vote last weekend to select the 14th lucky couple who will exchange vows on Valentine's Day in the 14 -14-14 wedding extravaganza being organised for the second year by MSW Events Ltd.

And the winners are!

As the day of love slowly approaches, we look forward to the highly anticipated wedding event of the year 14-14-14 (14 couples from the 14 parishes, getting married on February 14).

Flair My Chick Mondays - Stacia Cassells

We ended 2014 with a bang, featuring an eligible Mr Claus.

Leona Nash: The 'Bless-up Man'

LeAon Nash, a communication and public relations officer at the Jamaica Teacher's Association, recently launched a new radio programme 'Gospel beat' on Gospel Ja.

Clean playground

When it comes to the male anatomy, many women like it looking masculine and not necessarily clean shaved. But at the same time, women appreciate a well-groomed 'playground'.

Torn between the two

Psychologists say the hardest decisions to be made are between two positives. If you are dating two equally fun, loving, genuine, attractive, charming persons - making a decision about which to start seeing exclusively can be difficult.

Not all prizes are created equal

First off the bat, I don't win things.

How you may be delaying your divorce

One reader recently outlined a scenario in which a man has been awaiting a divorce decree for more than two years.

'Bigger and Better' for Kamal Powell

American author Napoleon Hill once said: "The starting point of all achievement is desire."

Shoot me with the O!

WESTERN BUREAU:Finally, a man has introduced a 'shot' that activates the female orgasm system and reduces distress of urinary incontinence in women.

Explaining urinary incontinence

Simply put, urinary incontinence is an involuntary loss of urine that is a social hygiene problem and is objectively demonstrable (you can see the pee).

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