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'Tis the most fashionable time of the year and as the party season kicks off, Flair would like to help men put some spirit in their wardrobe.

My Chick Mondays: Men's Edition

Where there is MCM for the women, there is a MCM for the gents. For this month's Men's Edition, Flair has decided to provide male readers with a little eye candy for themselves.

Overcomer Glendon Gordon

Glendon Gordon defines success as achieving that ultimate goal through the challenges that he meets along the way. He measures success in the challenges one has to overcome.

Dem tief eeh man!

You ever hear Jamaicans say some people will steal milk from coffee? Some people use the term to describe how persons will steal any object, anywhere, anytime.

The bond of sisterhood

On my way into the office yesterday, the security guard stopped me to say that his sister has been following my quest and was rooting for me.

Acne keloidalis nuchae in men

They say beauty is skin deep, but for some men, this is the root of their problems. Over time, their skin betray them in the form of razor bumps at the back of their head.

Don't lose it to prostate

Prostate cancer is one of the most popular cancers among men. As a result of the invasive examination, men tend to shy away from being tested, not knowing they will have a lot more to worry about if the disease is not detected early.

Getting ready to run

Nowadays, we are so bombarded with work, school, family and other activities that we can hardly find time to stay in shape. In an effort to promote a healthy lifestyle and team building, Events Options is giving you a chance to participate in their lap-a-thon and corporate 3K relay, at the UWI Mona track early next year.

Frozen eggs, sperm and embryos

In two articles published earlier this year, I considered some of the legal issues involved in surrogacy, and the fact that our local laws have not kept apace with technology.

Love Journey 2

You have nothing to lose and all to gain, so you should have already completed week one of our love journey challenge, and you should be anxiously getting ready to take on week two.

What are you planning on giving this year?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! At least that's what we think, whenever we get a wonderfully wrapped gift. But what about returning the favour? How many of us truly enjoy shopping for gifts? What makes a great gift? Suddenly, the season doesn't seem so merry after all.

Fragrances that are trendy, feminine and appealing

AMMENS, the brand that offers a range of high-quality personal-care products for the entire family, now introduces Ammens Woman. The latest innovation - Ammens Woman - is a range of body washes, spray mists and roll-on antiperspirants. The fragrances are trendy, feminine and appealing.

Gift-giving etiquette

In this season, when gifts will be passed back and forth and between friends rather rapidly, you might be wondering about the proper etiquette involved in gift giving.

Unwrap 'The Ultimate Christmas' at Courts

The Ultimate Christmas is at Courts this festive season with great deals and special offers in ALL our 29 stores across the island. There's something for everyone so you are sure to find a deal just for you!

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