anne martin IMAN sole Jamaican agent

IMPALA INC, the parent company for IMAN Cosmetics, seeks to offer more parity in pricing between the Caribbean Region and the United States (US) mainland, given the proximity.

Reflection & relief

"All men are dogs." That was what I heard when I walked into a conversation in my office on Monday. It's not a statement that was new to me, but I always felt you had some amazing men out there as well as some nowhere-near-amazing ones.

Michelle Cunningham: Marketing in aid of youths

When you think of marketing, branding a product or finding a niche market for it may be the first thing that comes to mind. But Michelle Cunningham is more than a marketing executive. She is using her skills to help young people find their place in society.

Women's Leadership Initiative celebrates 10 years

The Women's Leadership Initiative (WLI), a committee of the United Way of Jamaica, had their 10th Anniversary Awards Banquet at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel in New Kingston, last Tuesday.

Erase hair damage

This summer was filled with parties galore. With that came the very extravagant hairdos to match the very extravagant occasions;

From College to Marriage: The Reid's love story

It is often said that high-school sweethearts are the most memorable. But for Patrice Bingham, it was college romance that made the greatest impact in her finding love that would last a lifetime.

When consolation becomes confirmation

In the '90s hit song, You Make Me Wanna, international singer and songwriter Usher reflects on running to his female best friend about the issues in his relationship. She would suggest nice things he could do to diffuse the situation, not knowing he wished he was with her instead.

Oi man, tun it dung likkle nuh?!

You remember one of those radio stations used to have a sound clip that said something like "this music should be played at high volume, preferably in a residential area"?

The Collection MoDa 2014

When fashion mogul Kerry-Ann Clarke first decided to host a world-class fashion showcase in Kingston, her vision was to make Jamaica the fashion hub of the Caribbean.

NUH GUH DEH. Leave the children alone

Nickeisha Black saw her stepfather beating her mother daily. She vowed this would not happen to her. But when her mother left Jamaica to seek a better future in the United States, Black was left behind.

Fair lords and ladies

All the fair lords and ladies of this here fair land Jamaica, were invited to an enchanting evening at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel last Wednesday for the launch of the 10th staging of The Gleaner-sponsored Restaurant Week.

Lana Forbes' 40lb challenge

With a hectic schedule that sees her managing sales and service at Scotia Insurance, it is understandably challenging for Lana Forbes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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