Is Holness man enough to rule?

The sight of recycled octogenarian Mike Henry in Andrew Holness' shadow Cabinet, as well as that of a number of other oldsters, might not convey the image of energy, dynamism and hope that an opposition leader would want to signal.

Cross and angry, but not 9th most miserable

There is a certain arrogance of social scientists and economists, in particular, in that they believe that complex concepts within the human experience can be reduced to a few selected variables.

Hobbling courts an injustice to justice

Right in the middle of a fresh round of bickering about the Caribbean Court of Justice, this newspaper has given voice to Chief Justice Zaila McCalla on the sorry state of the domestic justice system.

Is devaluation working?

On December 31, 2014, the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (STATIN) released some trade data covering the period January to September 2014.

Glass ceilings that just won't break: Miss Universe & The Oscars

Some are saying it's because of Kaci Fennell's short hair, some because of her complexion, some because of her nationality. Some are saying her responses could have been stronger.

Sparking a math revolution

Recently I was in a meeting with some officials from the Ministry of Education, where we were being introduced to a math coach who is to be placed at our school for two days per week. In that meeting, an interesting point was made by one of the officials. He said:

Why so mean? Even with applause!

I sat there enraptured.

Don't rush merger of Charlie Smith, Trench Town

THE PRESENCE of Charlie Smith High School in the heart of Arnett Gardens has helped to simmer tensions there.

Faith and gender

Did you hear about the agnostic dyslexic insomniac?

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