Why Damien King is wrong

It is unfortunate that we can't debate ideas without denigrating the people who put them forward. Often we attack people and not their ideas because we are intellectually intimidated and in our philistinism we resort to the ad hominem rather than engage people intellectually.

Stop manufacturing half-truths

Damien King's article 'JMA pushing a Trojan horse' (Sunday Gleaner, August 10, 2014) has unleashed a barrage of angry responses and personal attacks from interests associated with the Jamaica Manufacturers' Association (JMA).

Paying for tertiary education

It's that time of year again.

MoBay police on beat duty

Oh, come on! Thirty deaths of prisoners in the custody of the State in a nine-year period is too high.

LIME, Digicel can't block forever

At the 30th annual conference of the Caribbean Association of National Telecommunications Organization (CANTO) held in Nassau, one of the main agenda items being discussed by regional telecommunications ministers is how to deal with the threat of Over the Top (OTT) applications.

GSAT preference and placement: Are all schools equal? (Part 2)

There are long-term plans to replace the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), which was introduced in 1999.

Garveyism more relevant today

The black race needs Garveyism now more than ever before.

CSEC results don't tell the whole story

Let me compliment The Gleaner on its editorial on August 14, 2014, titled 'Holding education whoops for now'.

God & Ghost of Don Drummond

The unlocking of the human mind is the subject of a movie named Lucy that my wife and I saw week before last at Palace Cineplex at one of their popular half-price specials.

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