Obviously, the Outameni purchase was a political, NOT financial, decision.

If Ian Boyne would read thoroughly

Everyone who reads your paper knows that Ian Boyne reads a lot. In his column in this paper on Sunday, November 9, 2014, he made an apparent off-hand comment which disclosed that he sometimes does not read as thoroughly as he should before going public.

The raging failed state debate

Based on the unusually large number of responses to my last column on whether Jamaica is a failed state (65 at last count and climbing), I can assert confidently that Jamaicans feel passionately about their country. And it seems they are largely pissed about its direction, as the Bill Johnson polls have confirmed.

Media, mob and Outameni madness

In the heat and noise and dust of the media campaign against the Outameni purchase by the National Housing Trust (NHT), we are in danger of losing sight of the bigger story.

NHT trampling on Michael's legacy

I want to introduce the People's National Party (PNP) to a man named Michael Manley, who, in 1972, led the party to a resounding victory. Not to be confused with his Fabian socialist father, Norman, or his sociologist brother, Douglas, this firebrand charismatic spoke with clarity and fluency but spewed a doctrine of people love.

Government needs to refocus

It has been almost three years since the publication of my article 'Balancing people's lives', which proposed that "the Ministry of Labour's preoccupation with industrial dispute resolution is an anachronism in the context of a development-focused economy and its attention should now be placed on playing a really meaningful role in job creation and economic development."

The 70:30 education system

Mathematics is not a popular subject in Jamaica. Unfortunately so because math is the central source of much of the information that guides our lives and makes critical national decisions.

Las Chin, school rankings, and Outameni

"One other thing. How can the People's National Party (PNP) get good marks for road maintenance when the showpiece (Lady Musgrave) road leading up to Vale Royal is in such a deplorable state?"

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