JUTC swipe unjust

What is the real surprise is not that there has been some violence against the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) with the take-back of subfranchise routes last week, but that there was so little.

Why science is not God

If science, strictly defined, is the only legitimate measurement of truth, how can we scientifically prove that slavery is wrong? By what scientific measurement?

NCU, JCF and Justice

Two news items have been sitting on my chest like overnight jackfruit, with an equally persistent odour on my fingertips.

The Great (Inner-City) Escape

On February 9, in response to an egregiously foolish column by Booklist Boyne (even for him) proselytising that poverty breeds crime, I wrote a critique which The Gleaner headlined 'Boyne's criminal logic'.

Break up your fallow ground, Roger

I read and reread carefully Agriculture Minister Roger Clarke's speech at the launch of National Farmers' Month on Wednesday, April 2, which was delivered by Lenworth Fulton, chief executive officer of the Rural Agricultural Development Authority...

Forex shortfall after IMF plan?

There are two accounts that are especially fundamental to the economy: The fiscal account, which deals with the domestic economy; The foreign exchange account, which deals with the flow of funds between Jamaica and the external world.

Tolerance, political correctness and the death of truth

Brendan Eich could be considered a useful computer technologist.

Teacher professionalism in Jamaica

It is particularly disturbing to me that the Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC), in its proposed education bill with the main objective to (a) "raise the character and status of the teaching profession", ...

Marijuana: decriminalising a victimless crime

There has been much debate recently concerning the reform of our laws which criminalise the export, import, cultivating, possessing and smoking of marijuana.

Defending the public: new frontiers

As readers are aware, the Office of the Public Defender (OPD) derives its mandate from the provisions of the Public Defender (Interim) Act 2000 and the creation of this commission of Parliament emerged from the previous creature of statute that was...

Behind the 2013 tourist numbers

For us number-crunchers, the performance of the tourism industry is measured by several widely accepted indicators: stay-over visitor arrivals, cruise ship arrivals, average length of stay; occupancy and room rates, average spend and visitor...

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