JFJ: a house divided - Kay Osborne tells all on tug of war over lobby's mandate

The Gleaner's July 23, 2014 editorial expressed the view that the imbroglio over the sex-education programme that Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) ran in children's homes from October 2013 to May 2014 on the initiative of JFJ co-founder Dr Carolyn Gomes has likely unleashed simmering, unstated, alternative views about JFJ's direction.

US must change its ways

Continued from F2Glenn TuckerGUEST COLUMNISTUS must change its ways"I have always given it as my decided opinion that no nation had a right to intermeddle in the internal concerns of another; that everyone had a right to form and adopt whatever...

Moral authority doesn't mean diddly

Volumes of clueless claptrap have been spoken and reams written about 'moral authority'.

War over the buggery law

The struggle between Christians and gay-rights activists over the buggery law is more political than practical. Its repeal or retention is more symbolic than salutary.

New Development Bank: opposing force to neo-liberalism?

Despite the efficiency of the Germans and the use of Big Data to advance their cause of winning the FIFA World Cup, another bit of important news emerged from Brazil.

What value is culture to economic development? (Pt 2)

From the beginning, Lee Kuan Yew, a visionary and an extraordinary leader, used education and training as a key strategy to building both the Singaporean economy and the nation.

Are we falling behind (again)?

Forty years ago, I accompanied an exhibition of Jamaica-manufactured products to several West Indian islands. The late Edgar Stewart skilfully designed a standard display unit for each participant that fit snugly inside a DC-3 aircraft.

UNIA at 100

There were no marches in the streets in full and fancy imperial 'military' regalia. There were no mass meetings with fiery orators stirring thousands to pride and, hopefully, to action.

A Jamaican queen in Glasgow

Aargh!!!! After 52 years of Independence, why do we need to bow to a foreign monarch as our head of state? Worse, on our little piece of rock, bequeathed by the blood, sweat and tears of the forced migrants to this country, the flag of Her Majesty and members of the Royal Family must be flown higher and can be larger than the black and green with the gold X in the middle.

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