Bush tea and good nutrition. Is it an acceptable combination?

How many leaves? Should I boil some of the root? How much should I grate and put in the cup of water?

What you need to know about insect repellents

There has been a justifiable increase in the use of insect repellents because of the current outbreak of the chikungunya virus. Here are some guidelines derived from www.emedecinehealth.com regarding the different types of insect repellents and their uses:

Exercise caution when using insecticides

The Pesticides Control Authority (PCA) is urging persons to exercise caution when using insecticides to get rid of vectors, including mosquitoes, as efforts continue to control the spread of the chikungunya virus.

Overdose of paracetamol for chik-V can be fatal

Jamaican pharmacists report that paracetamol of all types is in high demand, due to the outbreak of the chikungunya virus. The pain from chik-V is hard to bear, and so patients are in search for a remedy.

US university to develop Ebola vaccine

Colorado State University (CSU) in the United States (US) has been awarded US$2 million by the US Department of Defense to begin developing and manufacturing an Ebola vaccine, officials said on Monday.

DNA-programmed paper can test for Ebola

A team of researchers from Harvard and Boston universities in the United States has invented a remarkably well-developed new screening technology that could allow quick, cheap, portable, and accurate testing for Ebola - and most other diseases, too.

Experimental chikungunya vaccine in clinical trial

An experimental chikungunya vaccine prompted an immune response in all 25 volunteers in an early-stage clinical trial. Researchers believe an effective vaccine could prevent future outbreaks of the disease.

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