Protesters break into Burkina Faso parliament

OUAGADOUGOU, (AP): Protesters surged passed police lines yesterday and broke into Burkina Faso's parliament ahead of a vote to allow the president to seek another term next year.

Activists: Gov't clinging to political prisoners

YANGON, (AP): Myanmar has freed more than a thousand political prisoners since former military rulers handed over power three years ago, a move that has smoothed the former pariah state's international rehabilitation.

Ebola expert says China at risk

TOKYO (AP): A scientist who helped to discover the Ebola virus says he is concerned that the disease could spread to China, given the large numbers of Chinese workers traveling to and from Africa.

N Korea cracking down on a distant threat: Ebola

PYONGYANG (AP): Japan is not exactly Ebola country, but when a high-level delegation from Tokyo arrived in Pyongyang this week, two of the first people they met were dressed in full hazmat gear.

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