Tide turning in Ebola fight

A top United Nations official in the fight against Ebola greeted just three patients at one treatment centre he visited last week in Sierra Leone. Families in Liberia are no longer required to cremate the remains of loved ones to halt the spread of the virulent disease.

Government vows not to bow to IS

Up to late yesterday, officials in Japan were seeking to verify a video that claims Japanese hostage Haruna Yukawa, held by Islamic State (IS) militants, has been killed.

Austerity battered Greeks vote today

The winds of political change are coursing through austerity-weary Greece, but a financial whirlwind may lurk round the corner.

Dignitaries visit after King Abdullah's death

World leaders and top dignitaries began arriving in Saudi Arabia yesterday to give their condolences following the death of King Abdullah, who died early last Friday at age 90 after nearly two decades at the helm.

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