PM prepares to act - Cabinet to meet on fate of NHT board Monday

THE CONTROVERSY bedevilling the Government following more than two weeks of intense national debate on the purchase of the Outameni property in Trelawny refuses to go away, with Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller preparing to take action on the composition of the National Housing Trust (NHT) board after she meets with Cabinet on Monday.

Cops step up covert policing for Christmas shoppers

COVERT POLICING will be one of the strategies employed this year to boost security in the commercial district of downtown Kingston during the Christmas season.

Haliborange Ebola Facts - KEEP HANDS SANITISED

Hand hygiene is essential and should be performed frequently, especially if you are caring for an Ebola patient or come in contact with areas that may be contaminated by the deadly virus.

Give us water, roads, jobs - Voters vow not to switch parties for upcoming polls, hope for better days

THE BRIGHT afternoon sunlight had given way to overcast conditions at Grand Town in the Cornwall Mountain division in Central Westmoreland.

100,000 uninsured vehicles on the roads, says IAJ

AT LEAST one out of every four drivers on the road is said to be operating a vehicle without insurance coverage.

RURAL EXPRESS - When coffee was king: Cascade whittles away as production dies

FROM THE days when coffee was the most viable export crop, the community of Cascade in Portland was booming as economic growth was at its highest. However, less than 20 years later, the dreams of many have been shattered, resulting in an exodus.

RURAL EXPRESS - Teacher pushes to be agent of change

Although the citizens of St Mary often lament a lack of income-generating and employment opportunities, they can take pride in the fact that in 2014, their parish has been recognised as a trailblazer in the fields of law enforcement and education.

RURAL EXPRESS - Still no post office; Newport residents say they feel neglected

With close to eight months since residents of Newport and adjoining communities lost their post office in a fire, the pleas of those crying neglect are becoming louder.

Japanese Connection

Japanese Ambassador Yasuo Takase in discussion with students at The National Museum of Jamaica which staged Japan Day 'Kinen Gyoji' at the Institute of Jamaica in Kingston on Thursday.

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