Golden glory: Three gold among five-medal boost to Jamaica's Commonwealth Games haul

GLASGOW, Scotland: The writing was on the wall. From heats to final, if a Jamaican was in a women's 400m race at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, she would be the first across the finish line. So it wasn't too big a surprise when one after the other, the Jamaican threesome...

There's no food crisis - Kellier

Consumers are being assured that there is no need to panic, as despite islandwide reports of a pending food shortage because of the prolonged drought, the Government is insisting that depressed agricultural...

Manufacturers could get GCT refund on imported inputs

Brian Pengelley, president of the Jamaica Manufacturers' Association, said the proposed amendment to the General Consumption Tax (GCT) Act to introduce a mechanism for manufacturers to claim refunds will make local...

Crown outlines fraud case against former NWA manager

Prosecutors yesterday told the court how a company operated by former projects manager at the National Works Agency (NWA), George Knight, scored a $730 million housing contract after using fraudulent means to get on the list of approved government...

Trouble looms once rains come

While most of Jamaica's authorities are focused on finding solutions to the current drought and water crisis, some experts are concerned about hazards that might emerge once...

Kamoza Clarke murder case hits snag

Western Bureau:The five policemen charged in relation to the alleged murder of Kamoza Clarke, who reportedly died as a result of a brutal beating at Falmouth Police Station in Trelawny, had their bails extended when they...

Clause forces Gov't to rethink bill

CONSULTATIONS HELD at the back end to pass the Tax Collection (Miscellaneous Provisions) bill through the Parliament has led to the Government drafting amendments to a clause in the bill which seeks to give the commissioner general of Tax Administration...

Ounce of prevention: Poisonous potions - Dealing with alcohol's disastrous effects

ALL THE usual alcoholic drinks contain the same chemical substance, ethyl alcohol (ethanol). Although this chemical is hazardous to body, mind and spirit, social conditioning blinds many people to the fact that alcohol is a toxic....

Walkerswood farmers losing produce

WALKERSWOOD, St Ann:FARMERS WHO are members of the Walkerswood Farmers Group in St Ann are expressing concerns over the prolonged dry spell which they say is severely affecting their...

'We are ready!'

RESIDENTS OF the GLENGOFFE community in St Catherine have said the community is prepared to combat major damage, should a disaster occur.Members of the Glengoffe Community Development Committee told The Gleaner, following...

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