Dirty-money fight - New Orders place 'high-risk' professionals under increased scrutiny

ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW and public accountants are among five professionals and owners in the gaming sector that will now be subject to reporting requirements under the Financial Investigation Act (FID) and the Proceeds of Crime Act ...

JFJ appoints interim board

The very foundation of human-rights lobby group Jamaicans For Justice was jolted by the public condemnation of a controversial sex-education programme which was introduced into six private children's homes and the subsequent...

Can JFJ regain the trust of Jamaicans and are you willing to work with the lobby under its new leadership?

Daniel Thomas, president of the Love March Movement: A lot of damage has been done, so the group might even have to consider a name change.

Government relents on tax bills

The order of a judge of the Supreme Court will be required for a lien to be issued against the property of a tax debtor.The Senate yesterday made amendments to the Tax Collection (Miscellaneous Provisions) and the Tax...

Juveniles punished as cops neglect inmate transport duty

FACED WITH the problem of children, who are in conflict with the law, being punished because of the failure to take them before the court in a timely manner, Diahann Gordon Harrision, the children's advocate, wants the police to consider the...

Jamaica to sit on UN disaster risk council for first time

Jamaica is to sit on a high-level United Nations (UN) council that will formulate a mechanism to reduce disaster risk globally.The country will, for the first time, take its place on the council of the United Nations...

LIME Skool Aid expands to more parishes

The fifth staging of LIME's annual back-to-school fair was kicked into high gear yesterday, as the telecommunications firm rolled out an expanded 'Skool Aid' programme that will be hitting some four parishes this...

Accreditation issues stifle institution 10 years later

WESTERN BUREAU:TEN YEARS after it was officially established by CARICOM, the Caribbean Accreditation Authority for Education in Medicine and other Health Professionals (CAAM-HP) has said, despite its successes, it...

New procurement law has big teeth

THE PROPOSED new procurement law, which the Government is seeking to have in place by the end of September, will contain a clause for negligent public-sector workers who, through their actions, cause a deficiency or loss of funds as a result of breach...

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