LETTER OF THE DAY - Don't murder babies in the name of 'women's rights'

THE EDITOR, Sir: Why are there no campaigns to properly educate our people on the realities of abortion? Yet prominent people in our society are using their positions and influence to encourage both the public and legislators to accept that abortion is a good thing.

Yendi lacks moral authority to gripe

THE EDITOR, Sir: I must express amusement at the stupidity of Yendi Phillipps' rant on the subject of high charges regarding ministerial phone calls on TVJ's Smile Jamaica programme on which she is a host.

Bravo's conflict of interest and worse

THE EDITOR, Sir: I note the recent announcement that Dwayne Bravo, captain of the West Indies one-day cricket team and player representative for the West Indies Players' Association, has suddenly been contracted to play the upcoming Twenty20 tournament in South Africa.

Even atheists condemn abortion

THE EDITOR, Sir: Chairman of the National Family Planning Board, Dr Sandra Knight, says the time has come to legalise abortion. In response to the argument that abortion is akin to murder, she replies, "Religion and politics cannot be taken into account when making public-health decisions."

Phony excuse from Arnaldo Brown

THE EDITOR, Sir: The astronomical phone bills of our government ministers should be called out for what it is: another example of rampant waste of public resources, abuse of power and authority, lack of proper controls and accountability, and a total disrespect for the taxpayers who pay for it.

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