LETTER OF THE DAY - Taxed, and taxed some more

THE EDITOR, Sir:This is an open letter to Dr Peter Phillips.In response to your Budget speech last week, please note carefully the following:First and foremost, you need to and should realise that you are burdening the PAYE (taxpayers) in every way...

Jamaican taxpayer just can't win

THE EDITOR, Sir:While we're all up in arms about the transaction tax, it looks like we've missed another sleight of hand by this administration.

Predatory act of fiscal 'vampirism'

THE EDITOR, Sir:The recent imposition of a tax on cash withdrawals and on point-of-sales purchases represents a most predatory act of fiscal 'vampirism' visited on a hapless citizenry by a government.By this solitary act, the Government has shown a...

Take a look at the GCT

THE EDITOR, Sir:While I understand why people are upset about the new withdrawal tax, it seems to me that this is one of the better and more tolerable taxes in Jamaica's long and colourful taxation history.

Don't miss the marijuana boat

THE EDITOR, Sir: Cannabis is an industry that shows promise in the current job market...

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