LETTER OF THE DAY - Peace hinges on Israel

THE EDITOR, Sir: The death toll of Palestinians in the latest Israel-Gaza conflict is approximately 1,100, while 49 Israelis have perished...

Boyne wrong on gay rights

THE EDITOR, Sir: With regard to Ian Boyne's column 'War on the buggery law' (Sunday Gleaner, July 27, 2014), what rights are being taken away from those who oppose homosexuality...

Are we truly emancipated?

THE EDITOR, Sir: For many, Emancipation for the people of Jamaica came on August 1, 1838.

St Paul's Anglican not second oldest

THE EDITOR, Sir:The Rural Xpress published in the Saturday Gleaner is always a must-read for me.

Universities are swot shops

THE EDITOR, Sir:I am currently a university student - a lazy one (as some people would describe me).

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