LETTER OF THE DAY - Render to Caesar, yes, but will Caesar have no mercy?

THE EDITOR, Sir:The people are crying out to Rome and asking Peter 'Julius Caesar' Phillips, have you no mercy? In response to the finance minister's recent announcement in the House of Representatives of raising J$2.25 billion in new tax revenues,...

Martinique made mess of Carifta Games

THE EDITOR, Sir:Whose idea was it to award the 43rd Carifta Games (April 19-21, 2014) to that French colony named Martinique?In the days leading up to the ceremonies, questions posted on the Carifta 2014 Facebook page went unanswered and ignored.

Withdrawal tax least impactful on most vulnerable

THE EDITOR, Sir:Haven't read the minister's presentation, but I've been seeing comments about the new levy on bank withdrawals.I know the really vulnerable cannot even afford to pay for their birth certificate, or even to have bank accounts...

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