LETTER OF THE DAY - Top-cop applicants must bring crime plan

THE EDITOR, Sir:Like the CEO of any organisation, the police commissioner's primary responsibility is to achieve specific targets set by the board - in this case, the Police Service Commission.

Hold fleeing JFJ members to account

THE EDITOR, Sir:Is everyone going to allow all of Jamaicans for Justice (JFJ) to simply resign without taking responsibility for their recklessness?Every day they issue press releases calling for accountability and yet look at how horribly they have...

Don't diss by flying over war zone

THE EDITOR, Sir:Last week's downing of the Malaysian passenger airliner over Ukraine is indeed a wake-up call, but not for the reasons of further blaming and punishing certain sides, which seems to be President Barack Obama's position.The fact that no...

Help cops solve Father Charles Brown murder

THE EDITOR, Sir:The family members of the late Father Charles Brown would like to thank Jamaicans for the kindness bestowed on us throughout our ordeal...

Health minister makes me sick

THE EDITOR, Sir:In a state of utter shock, I saw Health Minister Dr Fenton Ferguson on TV, during a tour of the Bellevue Hospital, defending his stewardship of the public-health sector.

Refreshing frankness on race, beauty

THE EDITOR, Sir:I couldn't help commenting on the article written by 19-year-old Andrew Lindsay ('Beauty (contest) isn't more than skin deep', Sunday Gleaner, July 20, 2014) concerning the beauty-pageant winners not being representative of the majority...

Where's the real drought plan?

THE EDITOR, Sir:I am certain of having heard a recent CVM TV weather report (during the World Cup period) that because of El Nino conditions in the Pacific, the Caribbean will not be getting any rain before December! There will be no rain this October...

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