LETTER OF THE DAY - Lost behind bars

THE EDITOR, Sir: Stephen Fray, who attempted to hijack a plane in 2009, was sentenced to 83 years in prison (to serve 20 years as the sentences run concurrently) and subsequently lost his appeal in 2011...

Portia criticism smacks of classist sexism

THE EDITOR, Sir:The Jamaica Labour Party and its supporters have always sought to attack the character of Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller.

PM, Holness petty, mediocre

THE EDITOR, Sir:I register my deep dissatisfaction with Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller's selective tongue on the state of our nation.For months, the media, civil society and the common man have voiced concerns about her silence, but she has...

Loose lips sink ships

THE EDITOR, Sir:There was a short-lived, 12-issue British music magazine called Careless Talk Costs Lives, published from January 2002 until November 2003.

Shocked at Tony Hylton's lack of faith

THE EDITOR, Sir:I am rather mystified to see Anthony Hylton's comments on local manufacturing, which has been one of the largest contributors to GDP in the past.

Protests won't fly with country folk

THE EDITOR, Sir:The opposition leader's promise to take his protest, aimed at having the fare increase at the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) rolled back, to other areas of Jamaica shows not only an urban bias, but a Kingston bias.The beneficiaries...

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