LETTER OF THE DAY - Don't abuse stadium playing surface

THE EDITOR, Sir: A few weeks ago, there were reports that some stakeholders in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) - Red Stripe, the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) and others...

Church has role in lawmaking

THE EDITOR, Sir: In a letter published Tuesday, October 21, 2014 titled 'Keep Church out of legislation', the writer, Yohan Lee, states that the Church should have no say in the passing of legislation. This notion is unequivocally wrong.

Get predators to fight mosquitoes

THE EDITOR, Sir: In the recent upsurge of mosquitoes, mosquito-related diseases, and the urgent importance of mosquito control, very little has been said about the encouragement of natural predators to assist us in this effort.

Adequate PAHO chik-V warning

THE EDITOR, Sir: I have noticed that many opinions exist about chik-V in the media. As my favorite source for information, I think The Gleaner should lead the education process and avoid the politics.

Abu Bakr not worth it

THE EDITOR, Sir: We must begin to demand answers from our political leaders. The ministers and state functionaries who act for this country are, after all, no more than our employees who are paid with our hard-earned tax dollars.

Anti-Church rant smacks of fascist arrogance

THE EDITOR, Sir: I write in response to Yohan Lee's letter titled 'Keep Church out of legislation' (Gleaner, October 21, 2014).

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