LETTER OF THE DAY - Embracing innovation as our business culture

THE EDITOR, Sir: Establishing a business venture is an uphill task, therefore, we sympathise with the plight of private entrepreneurs, but we will not accept their inertia.For years, business...

JLP supporters are tired

THE EDITOR, Sir:I was listening to Nationwide on Tuesday and, to my horror, there was Karl Samuda running his mouth again, embarrassing his party and his leader.

Suspend bird-shooting season

THE EDITOR, Sir: Bird shooting is a sport that traditionally mostly the rich and well-to-do participate in. Today, more citizens of means are participating in this sport.

Leave our local resources alone

THE EDITOR, Sir: If Jamaica is ever to be firmly placed on the path of development, then the idea of selling out our local resources should not be at the forefront of our minds. A suggestion to the Government of Jamaica is that we make full use of CARICOM...

Time for drivers to take heed to road safety

THE EDITOR, Sir: I grieve with the parents and families of those we have lost on our roads. It's heartbreaking to lose a loved one in such a tragic way....

Shuffle the Shadow Cabinet

THE EDITOR, Sir: Andrew Holness should shuffle his Shadow Cabinet if he really wants to win the next election...

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