LETTER OF THE DAY - Fenton fiddles while hospitals burn

THE EDITOR, Sir:I am now beginning to believe that Dr Fenton Ferguson is the biggest grandstanding minister of all.

Have a heart for overworked police

THE EDITOR, Sir:In recent days, the dominant topic on talk shows, newscasts, in print and social media is that of the killing of Mario Deane and the punishment that should be delivered to the police personnel involved.

Personal view on Argentine economy

THE EDITOR, Sir:In reference to the article titled 'Jamaica not at default risk - Phillips: Dishonouring debt would shatter living standards, says Byles', written by Ryon Jones, staff reporter, and published on August 12, 2014.In said article, I was...

Reform Premier League, don't scrap it

THE EDITOR, Sir:In the Letter of the Day titled 'Scrap the Premier League' (Gleaner, August 19, 2014), the writer states that the league, in its current form, is not feasible.

Don't give PM an easy pass

THE EDITOR, Sir: While listening to the programme 'Cliff Hughes Online' on Power 106 on Monday, August 18, 2014, the problem of the prime minister's silence on issues of national interest, in this instance, the beating death of Mario Deane ...

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