LETTER OF THE DAY - It takes a village to save the elderly

THE EDITOR, Sir: The media portrayed a dehumanising scene at the Kingston Public Hospital of an elderly lady lying in her faeces for a prolonged period.

Gone overboard on school uniform length

THE EDITOR, Sir: Why should some high schools demand that our girls wear skirts that are almost touching their ankles?

We told Customs no such thing

THE EDITOR, Sir: I want to make it clear that at no time did the Ministry of Health issue any instructions to the Customs Department with respect to a ban...

Hefty price to confirm chik-V

THE EDITOR, Sir: So the nation is being led to believe that the chik-V epidemic is mostly overblown, as the officially confirmed cases by the Government are only a mere 31.

Suggestions for Vin Lawrence committee

THE EDITOR, Sir: I am glad to see Dr Vin Lawrence's energy committee working fast and coming up with outside-the-box solutions to our problems. I suggest for consideration by the committee two further items for the agenda:

Take your nose out of the textbook, Dr Ferguson

THE EDITOR, Sir: The minister of Health, Dr Fenton Ferguson, is talking about best practices for St Thomas on the news.

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