LETTER OF THE DAY - Replace French with Mandarin

THE EDITOR, Sir: I know I am going to get a lot of flak for this from our French teachers, but I think the time has come for us to start...

Give us whole truth on chik-V

THE EDITOR, Sir:I have a few questions for the health minister.

Chronixx too childish

THE EDITOR, Sir: I admire State Minister Damion Crawford, Minister Lisa Hanna and reggae artiste Chronixx, who was reported to...

Lousy job in chik-V fight

THE EDITOR, Sir: I believe that the Ministry of Health is not doing enough to combat this terrible and dreadful disease...

X-rated viewing on TVJ, CVM

THE EDITOR, Sir: I write to share the double standard meted out to people without cable access, especially in rural Jamaica.

Transvestites using female bathrooms

THE EDITOR, Sir: Daniel Thwaites' article 'Gully gays and other mysteries' (Sunday Gleaner, September 28, 2014) was rather...

Give us wSunday TV hijacked by churcheshole truth on chik-V

THE EDITOR, Sir: Programming on Sunday mornings serves as a glaring reminder of how lacking in diversity our media are.

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