LETTER OF THE DAY - If JUTC could be as smart as its card

THE EDITOR, Sir:My mother said last Friday she went to the Transport Authority office at North Parade, next door to Coke Methodist Church, to purchase a Smarter Card.

Waiting forever with NCB

THE EDITOR, Sir:As a National Commercial Bank (NCB) customer, I choose to use this medium to voice my utter frustration and complete dissatisfaction with the service provided.

No treated water in Lorrimers

THE EDITOR, Sir:I write in regard to South Trelawny Member of Parliament Marisa Dalrymple Philibert's response to the fact that Lorrimers has been neglected by her.

Honour Clarke with legacy project

THE EDITOR, Sir:At a time when Jamaica is experiencing unprecedented drought conditions, and more recently, the passing of our beloved minister of agriculture, Roger Clarke, it would be fitting to create a lasting legacy in his honour - The Roger Clarke...

Rubbish move to take garbage collection from councils

THE EDITOR, Sir:In The Gleaner's editorial 'Jamaica's obsession with garbage' (August 30, 2014), you wrote, "But it is also clear that none of the parish councils and municipalities is properly equipped to carry out their substantive responsibility of...

Brand-new Hagley Gap wall collapses after rainfall

THE EDITOR, Sir:I recently congratulated a university graduate from my district of Hagley Gap in St Thomas with the words, 'Made in Hagley Gap - must be good!

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