LETTER OF THE DAY - Burn the myths of pro-coal posse

THE EDITOR, Sir:In an article published Wednesday, January 28, 2015, 'Don't close mind to coal', the writer examines the improvements and advances the coal industry has made in cleaning up its bad record on the environment.

Memory on Massop muddled

THE EDITOR, Sir:CLAUDIUS MASSOP died in 1979.I, too, would like to help in clarifying the year when alleged area leader and political strongman, Claudius 'Claudie' Massop, died.

Politicians better than the rest of us?

THE EDITOR, Sir:I am most outraged by the announcement in Parliament by National Security Minister Peter Bunting that only the political aristocracy will automatically get close-protection officers (bodyguards) at the expense of the State, while leaving...

Don't make our judges sitting ducks

THE EDITOR, Sir:It was with concern that I read the story, 'Judges livid - only politicians to retain automatic right to police bodyguards' (January 28, 2015).

Put voters' list beyond question

THE EDITOR, Sir:I take note of Mr Audley Shaw's seemingly one-man campaign to get the Electoral Commission of Jamaica (ECJ) to clean up the country's voters' list by way of a reverification exercise.

What a waste, serving my country!

THE EDITOR, Sir:This is a response to the article 'RADA service promises massive boost in farm production' (Gleaner, January 27, 2015.I was an extension officer from 1975-1981.

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