LETTER OF THE DAY - Withdrawal tax a slap in the face

LETTER OF THE DAYWithdrawal tax a slap in the faceTHE EDITOR, Sir:Every year the Budget presentation is to be made, citizens from all over Jamaica cower in fear of the possible new taxes that may be imposed.

Don't fault Hanna for tell-all on Alpha

THE EDITOR, Sir:Once more, so many of us have taken to this boorish impulsiveness of shooting the messenger rather than engaging with the substance of the message.

New US ambassador not yet confirmed

THE EDITOR, Sir:The United States Embassy would like to offer clarification on the Gleaner article published Wednesday, April 16, 2014 titled 'New $200m residence for US ambassador - Businessman gives up dream home for American diplomat'.

Bank fee probe hoax

THE EDITOR, Sir:In November 2013, the ordinary citizens of Jamaica thought there was hope in the people's Parliament when South St Catherine Member of Parliament (MP) Fitz Jackson through a private member's motion, led a debate on exorbitant bank fees...

Prosecution deserves right to appeal cases

THE EDITOR, Sir:Resident Magistrate Judith Pusey has ruled that former junior minister Kern Spencer and his co-accused Coleen Wright did not have a case to answer in the Cuban light bulb case.

Stop playing blame game on Alpha

THE EDITOR, Sir:I refer to the most recent obvious sensationalism in news - accusations on the part of the Sisters of Mercy, operators of the Alpha Boys' Home, against Youth Minister Lisa Hanna.

JPS sheds light on Hope Pastures wiring

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) has noted with concern the People's Report letter to the editor in your publication of April12, 'Let there be light - but not in Hope Pastures'.

Disconnected and disgusted: When will LIME get it right?

I'm using this medium to express my dissatisfaction about the tardiness in restoring my LIME telephone service following a wrongful disconnection.My Internet service has been restored since Monday, April 14, l but I am still unable to call out, as at...

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