Holness clinging to colonial apron strings

Debates are now going on in the Jamaican Parliament concerning the replacement of the British Privy Council with the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

Who exactly is a Jamaican?

SometimeS I have to question who should be considered a Jamaican. Last year, 'The Voice' had our little island cheering on Tessanne Chin. Fans would rush home to view the show, which was then aired on our local television so that everyone could get a glimpse of her performances.

Outameni was not bought

Simple question: What justification do the media, various public bodies and the public have for referring to the current cass-cass as the 'Outameni' transaction?

You must be born again!

Annette Johnson, in a letter ('Boyne does disservice with extremism') published in The Gleaner of Tuesday, November 25, commented strongly on Ian Boyne's approach to marital rape. I do not intend to join this debate, but rather to examine briefly something else she wrote in that letter.

Bridge the governance deficit

In any civilised democracy, sustainable development can only take place if there is a predictable and transparent framework of rules and public-private institutions existing for the conduct of business within the confines of law and order.

Prayer not helping Rev Dick

Admittedly, my piece, 'Prayer is pointless' (November 6, 2014), will have absolutely no effect on Christian minds. Pews will be filled with worshippers as customary, and Rev Devon Dick will still have a job. Believers have no need for healthy scepticism.

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