LETTER OF THE DAY - Time to face the truth

THE EDITOR, Sir: Every generation has a picture of success, and that picture causes us to behave in particular ways and do particular things.

Self-inflicted water woes

THE EDITOR, Sir: This drought we have been experiencing in Jamaica is worrying.

Get it together, JLP

THE EDITOR, Sir:I am confused by the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) and I don't know if I can believe anything they say.Sometimes, the JLP says one thing and then, another time, they say the opposite.

Confusion, failure everywhere

THE EDITOR, Sir:This government seems to have come to power with absolutely no clue about what to do to fix our many problems.

No male nurses?

THE EDITOR, Sir: Nursing continues to be a female-dominated profession. According to the United States Census Bureau, less than 10 per cent of American registered nurses ...

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