LETTER OF THE DAY - I haven't cooked data on gays

THE EDITOR, Sir: Unfortunately, Ian Boyne, as evidenced in his column, 'War over the buggery law' (Sunday Gleaner, July 27, 2014), does not fully understand my position re homosexuality and the buggery law.

Cynics holding Jamaica back

THE EDITOR, Sir:The outlook of Dara Johnson, whose letter, 'Health and logistics hubs are pipe dreams', was published July 28, 2014, and Sheree Downey, whose 'Really, Dr Ferguson? Jamaica a health hub', was published on July 23, 2014, both in The...

Stop being a coward, Mr Obama

THE EDITOR, Sir:I am beginning to think that Mr Obama has a streak of cowardice or irrationality in his make-up.

Gambling on Gary Peart's conflict of interest

THE EDITOR, Sir:Mr Gary Peart is the chief executive officer of Mayberry Investments Ltd.

Hamas to blame for Israeli pushback

THE EDITOR, Sir:The recent statement attributed to the Jamaican Government on the current Israeli-Hamas conflict was very disappointing.

Captain, JFF in conflict of interest

THE EDITOR, Sir:While I am willing to accept Orville Higgins' definition of conflict of interest (Gleaner, 'Put up or shut up', July 25, 2014), I am unwilling to accept his narrow interpretation of it.Higgins' argument presupposes that Captain Horace...

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