LETTER OF THE DAY - The truth behind CSEC screening

THE EDITOR, Sir:I refer to an article published on the Gleaner website on August 26, 2014, 'Thwaites not surprised about some schools not registering most students for CXC math, English'.

UCJ sleeping on the job?

THE EDITOR, Sir:Is the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) doing its job? Or is it another of those timid bodies - like the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) and Office of the Public Defender - that have lost their way?Carolyn Cooper rightly asks...

PSC right to turn down FBI officer for commish post

THE EDITOR, Sir: I must congratulate the Police Service Commission (PSC) on the decision to not shortlist Wilfred ...

Judge too easy on goat thief

THE EDITOR, Sir:I was quite taken aback upon reading a Gleaner article on Tuesday, August 26, regarding the six-month sentence for the goat thief in the Santa Cruz RM Court.

Hats off to Gleaner staff

THE EDITOR, Sir: The Gleaner is celebrating a milestone and has stood out as one of the indispensable institutions in the development of our country.

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