Let's be mature about CCJ

I am pleading with both sides of the House to deal with the issue of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) with the highest level of maturity.

Apology to Mr Boyne

The tongue is a powerful weapon and so is the use of modern technology.

Unfortunate anti-Boyne letter

Annette Johnson, it is unfortunate that you, along with others, have not taken the time to read Ian Boyne's column on rape ('The Bible allows for [or admits to the possibility of] marital rape') before responding publicly.

No surprise there, PM

It should come as no surprise that the prime minister has ignored calls for a new NHT board and has, instead, appointed four new members. What this tells us is that she has no problem with the way the board conducts its business and that the new board members are of a similar view.

Disintegrating condition of downtown Kingston

I read, with great interest, the article published in The Observer of November 16, 2014, 'Kudos to us - KSAC praises self for Jamaica improved 'Doing Business' ranking'.

Setting the record straight on chik-V and blood donations

In the interest of accuracy, we, the undersigned wish to clarify and expand on, comments that were attributed to us after a casual conversation in the case of Dr Alison Nicholson and no communication, in the case of Dr Doreen Brady-West

Congrats, Kenny Benjamin!

Please allow me to use this medium to publicly congratulate Mr Kenneth 'Kenny' Sushil Benjamin on receiving the 2014 Hummingbird Award for International Philanthropy from the American Friends of Jamaica.

Digicel states position on proposed merger

I would like to thank J. Paul Marshall for his piece on Sunday "Columbus buyout may balance out the scales" which posed a number of pertinent questions which I will utilise this forum to respond to.

diG Jamaica

diG Jamaica

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