LETTER OF THE DAY - Was it Massop's duppy, Rev Thames?

For the life of me I cannot understand why the Rev Earl Thames insists on presenting an account of Jamaican history that suggests a duppy was a signatory to a peace treaty and participant in a peace march.

Why defend obeah rights, Rev Dick?

I find it paradoxical that a Christian pastor, the Rev Devon Dick, could be advocating in his article published in your edition of January 29, 2015 for the right to practise obeah in the name of religious liberty, while in the same breath invoking the caveat, "providing no one is harmed by these practices".

One step forward, two backwards?

Our collective moral psyche was uplifted recently when news came swift and fast that Jamaica was ranked number one, not in athletics or any other sporting discipline, but actually in a study conducted by the International Labour Organization, which deduced that Jamaica has the highest proportion of women managers globally.

Keep up that great bod, Lisa!

In regard to Father Richard Ho Lung and the letter he wrote regarding Minister Lisa Hanna, it seems the priest is really into her physical appearance and not into the work that she does for the country.

Church schools must not abandon heritage

Regarding the minister of education's stance on devotions in schools, I write on behalf of the Ecumenical Education Committee, which comprises nine church bodies and trust that own and sponsor schools.

Heartfelt thanks to JUTC driver, passengers

This letter serves to highlight the good deed performed by a driver of the Jamaica Urban Transit Company Greater Portmore (17) bus who diverted from the route to take my mother to the doctor at the Edgewater Medical Complex, as she was experiencing severe breathing problems.

Incensed by LIME, JPS

I am writing because I am very frustrated and I am at my wits' end. I am a resident of Thompson Pen Lane, Old Harbour Bay PO, St Catherine, and I am meeting hell with utility companies, the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) and LIME.

diG Jamaica

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