LETTER OF THE DAY - Submit your claims and make JPS pay

THE EDITOR, Sir:We have taken note of your Letter of the Day published on Thursday, December 18, 2014, in which a Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) customer highlighted her family's quest to contain their electricity bill through conservation, and their disappointment in receiving three consecutive estimated bills, even after witnessing the meter being read.

Ugly questions for beauty queen Lisa

THE EDITOR, Sir:I have been taking note of the saga involving Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna on social media.

Running revolution sweeping Jamaica

THE EDITOR, Sir:In recent times, the Jamaican landscape has exploded with a plethora of road races, particularly the 5K run.

Those expensive border-crossing machines!

I read with interest media reports about new passport-checking machines installed at the Sangster International Airport.

Amazing service at Swallowfield Depot

The management and employees of the Swallowfield Motor Vehicle Examination Depot deserve public commendation.

PICA's efficiency blew my mind

A few Fridays ago, I flew to Jamaica to get my passport renewed.

Anti-Ferguson rage rooted in illiteracy

THE EDITOR, Sir:When I saw the recent poll on chik-V of how and what people believe spreads the virus, I have to conclude that Dr Fenton Ferguson, the health minister, has been vindicated.

Policing in the eyes of a 'trying youth'

THE EDITOR, Sir:Five days before Christmas 2014, my single-parent client sent her son on a minivan from Kingston to one of our heavily populated rural towns to sell clothing in its market.He bought the market fee and on his way to the market, with the...

West Indies cricketers not worth my time

THE EDITOR, Sir:Since the disgraceful walkout of the India cricket tour by the West Indies players, I have not watched a series involving them, and will not.

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