LETTER OF THE DAY - Privy Council subservience shameful

Before I start, let me first declare my allegiance to common sense. I am a Caribbean man and have no political bias. If anything, I am content to be a floating voter when it comes to politics.

Don't let C&W fool you again

Just when we thought that the telecoms sector in Jamaica couldn't get any more interesting or surreal, now we have CIA whistleblower Edward Snowden getting in on the act.

Trade unionists have betrayed workers

Aubyn Hill, banker, businessman, raised the question on Impact as to why it was necessary to have five trade unionists on the National Housing Trust (NHT) board. U

Littering a threat to nation's health

Once upon a time, Jamaica, with teams of public health inspectors, and 'nuff' education of the public, actually conquered a mosquito problem and eradicated malaria!

Crack down on road slackness

Permit me to express my disgust at the behaviour that is perpetuated in plain sight on public vehicles on our roads.

Poor drainage clogging Corporate Area roads

Jacqueline LawtonConcerned CitizenOn Thursday, November 13, 2014, I drove through Hope Pastures on to Charlemont Drive, and it started to rain quite heavily until the road was flooded.

Little Bay fishermen raising a stink

This is an open letter to the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change and its associated agencies with responsibility for the environment.

Well done, Heroy Clarke

We take this opportunity to congratulate Heroy Clarke, Jamaica Labour Party caretaker for St James Central, for his hard work in representing the people at all levels in the constituency.

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