LETTER OF THE DAY - Health, logistics hubs are pipe dreams

THE EDITOR, Sir:This government seems to have come to power with absolutely no clue about what they will do to fix our many problems.As a matter of fact, it seems as if Dr Peter Phillips is the only...

'Run wid it', again?

THE EDITOR, Sir:'Frightening', 'unbecoming' and 'disgraceful' are the words that I can think of to describe Dr Fenton Ferguson's statements on a PNP platform last weekend.Dr Ferguson, a Cabinet minister, stated in full glare of the media that he and the...

Boxer has international support

THE EDITOR, Sir: Jamaican art is an important part of my private international gallery, thanks to the outstanding Dr David Boxer....

Appalling treatment of Dr Boxer

THE EDITOR, Sir: I have read the article in The Gleaner on July 19, 2014 titled 'Crisis, intrigue embroil National Gallery' and must say I am very pleased...

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