A life of furniture

It was a downturn in the economy in the 1970s which forced 58-year-old Clement McDonald to make the switch from carpentry to farming. But little did he know that a decade or so later, he would again revisit his former livelihood of building things out of wood.

DOCTOR"S ADVICE - Can't keep it up after climax

I am engaged to be married to a beautiful girl. We do not have much experience of sex, but she is a passionate woman and she says she "adores" going to bed with me. Only problem is this - often, I climax just when she was about to. And at that moment, I instantly lose my erection.

Ellis family gives back to community

The phrase, 'No man is an island, no man stands alone', used to help others understand that one needs another's help, is not something affirmed by all, but for the Ellis family in Porus, this is not only affirmed, it is acted upon.

Javani not looking for handout

TWENTY-YEAR-OLD JAVANI Parker is living with a disability, but all he needs is a chance to realise his full potential.

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