DOCTOR'S ADVICE - Am I still a virgin?

Could you give me some good advice about my virginity? Actually, I am not too sure whether I am a virgin. I have occasionally let boys touch me 'down there' since I was 17. When I say touch, I mean with fingers and also on a couple of occasions with the tip of the penis.

Patrick Forbes' fascination with animals

Patrick Forbes has been fascinated by pets, especially birds, since he was seven years old. That was when he acquired his first bird, which he cared for, and the numbers increased as he grew older.

Supporting Tasha-Gay's dream

Tasha-Gay Munroe's dream is to become a bank manager (accountant) in fulfilment of her mother's dying wish.

Evorine Henry-Tracey: Dedicated to Brimmer Vale High School

Evorine Henry-Tracey has been a teacher for almost three decades and is currently the principal of Brimmer Vale High School, located just outside of St Mary's capital, Port Maria.

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diG Jamaica

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