All's natural at Durgas Den Farm

AT DURGAS Den Farm, located in the Orange Hill section of Breadnut Hill, St Ann, inorganic or chemical-based fertilisers are not allowed. And, as such, it is also a place where permaculture is a concept and a practice.

DOCTOR'S ADVICE - Is 'withdrawal' safe?

I am a young guy who has never had full sex before. But now a beautiful girl, who is (like me) a college student, has indicated to me that she would be willing to go to bed with me. But the problem is this. I don't want to get her pregnant.

Deportee makes 'clean' start with car wash business

WHEN COURTNEY Fisher got deported from the United States of America in 2012, he took the decision to make something of his life so as to be independent while providing employment to youth.

Sherepha Edwards ready to chase her dream

Rural Xpress caught up with 22-year-old Sherepha Edwards, who, a few weeks ago, copped the awards for most outstanding (student) in English, demonstration of leadership, and was selected as the valedictorian of the Four Paths Youth Development workshop Free to Dream.

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