Making household items from metal

FOR MORE than 35 years Morris Sammon has been providing a special kind of service to the people of Portland - making household items and equipment using metal.

DOCTOR'S ADVICE - Can 'pre-cum' cause pregnancy?

I am a teenage guy, and very much in love with my girlfriend. We are both students of biology and zoology, so we know quite a lot about sex. But Doc, there is one thing we disagree on, and we cannot find an answer in our biology textbooks!

Still in love with teaching

AFTER 42 years, veteran teacher and administrator Valerie Wade is still in love with the profession she has chosen.

Andrea on a mission to raise $2 million for colposcope machine

ANDREA DRYSDALE-ROSE of Sunning Hill, St Thomas is on a drive to raise at least US$18,000 ($2 million) to provide a colposcope machine for the Princess Margaret Hospital in the parish of her birth.

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