I lied. Now what?

Dear Mrs Walker-Huntington, I went to the United States (US) Embassy a week ago and got turned down. I was given a 214(b) sheet. However, on my DS-160 form, I provided wrong information on my parents' names and dates of birth ...

Changes to immigrant investor programmes

Dear Ms Powell, My husband submitted an application under the Federal Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) three years ago, and we received a letter from Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) acknowledging receipt of our documents but have not heard...

New restrictions on entrepreneur visa route

Dear Mr Bassie,I understand that there have been changes to immigration legislation in the United Kingdom, in particular, the entrepreneur visa route, which is where my interest lies.

'Diamond' on the waterfront! Urban planner argues improving waterfront and reducing crime key to redevelopment of downtown Kingston

The waterfront, downtown Kingston, is again being pointed to as a diamond which could lead the rebirth of the city....

FIX IT! Fix downtown housing now!

Prominent architect and urban planner Clifton Yap said critical changes are needed to the country's housing policy in order to encourage redevelopment of downtown Kingston....

Linked and good to go! LIME summer camp a big hit in Southside community

At least 20 residents of Breezy Castle and surrounding communities downtown Kingston, are now better equipped to face the working world after a two-week-long community summer camps hosted by LIME...

Should I send my child to boarding school?

Q My child at age 12 is very mature and ready for boarding school.

Married, but in love with my ex

Q: I have a lovely wife and three great children.We have a good relationship and she does interesting and creative things for my birthday, Valentine's Day, and our wedding anniversary. To be honest, I find no fault with her.

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