Burying a dream - Handwritten notes detail ambitious plans held by Mario Deane, who is to be buried today

Several lofty dreams and aspirations will be buried with the body of Mario Antonio Deane today.

My heart belongs to Jamaica - American pastor's last wish honoured as widow buries his heart in St Catherine

When Pastor Lemarr Young came to Jamaica as a young missionary with his wife and five children 40 years ago, it was the beginning of a love story, intertwined with religion and education.

Illegal arrest! Careless cops cost taxpayers almost $1 million as judge rules in favour of bank manager

The high-handed, oppressive and reckless manner in which a senior police officer treated a bank manager, who was wrongfully detained on the night of February 20, 2008, has drawn strong condemnation from Supreme Court judge Marva McDonald Bishop.

Portia to promise more? 76th annual PNP conference to close with public session today

The leadership of the People's National Party (PNP) ventures into the public session of its 76th annual conference at the National Arena today, hoping that its on-the-ground supporters will share in the optimism of the leadership that the country is heading in the right direction.

Government advised to seek write-off for slavery

The National Reparation Commission wants the Government to consider seeking a debt write-off from countries which benefited from the trans-atlantic slave trade.

'The Power of Sisterhood' - Leading Jamaican women for Speaker Series

Under the aegis of the 'Power of Sisterhood', an all-star cast of leading and powerful Jamaican women will participate in a discussion on fostering a culture of mentorship on Wednesday at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel.

Calabar push - Distinguished graduate for old boys 2014 reunion dinner

Past students of Calabar High School will gather in their numbers next Saturday at the Mona Visitors' Lodge for the 2014 Calabar Old Boys' Association (COBA) reunion dinner.

Native American: Spirituality still strong (Part II) - Dreams and sweat lodges, gateways to enlightenment

James 'Flaming Eagle' Mooney speaks of dreams as a compass, a prophetic medium to understand life, to conquer trials, and to realise one's potential.

A MATTER OF LAND - Help, I'm landlocked!

This week, I want to examine a practice that is becoming very common, mainly in the rural areas. I have been having to be mediator, adjudicator and counsellor (which is normal for many of my colleagues and I) between landholders when either is 'landlocked'.

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