Orthodox history riddled with errors - Shalman Scott

WESTERN BUREAU:NOTED HISTORIAN and university lecturer Shalman Scott is questioning the validity of Jamaica's orthodox history, claiming huge chunks are steeped in errors and deliberate omissions, especially accounts of Sam Sharpe rebellion and issues...

Opposition senators submit minority committee report

OPPOSITION SENATORS Kamina Johnson Smith and Marlene Malahoo Forte have submitted a minority report to the Upper House in the wake of deliberations by the Senate Regulations Committee on the Office of Utilities Regulation (Amendment of First Schedule...

Petrojam helps hundreds to secure summer jobs

ONE STATE agency has come up with a novel idea to assist tertiary and secondary school students to gain valuable work experience and earn money to offset their back-to-school expenses during the summer holidays....

BEHIND THE QUAKES - Ministry moves deadline for new building code to yearend

Ministry moves deadline for new building code to yearendPetre Williams-RaynorContributing EditorTHE MINISTRY of Local Government and Community Development is looking at yearend as the new deadline for the passage of legislation that will herald ...

Local sugar churns out impressive returns

WESTERN BUREAU:LOCAL SUGAR producers have churned out a grand total of 154,000 tonnes of sugar for the just-concluded 2013-2014 crop year - almost 26,000 tonnes more than the 128,196 tonnes produced last year."This was a...

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