Indian state minister to visit Jamaica to strengthen ties

The second in command in India's Ministry of External Affairs is to arrive in the island next month for an official visit as the administration of Narendra Damodardas Modi carries out its promise to strengthen bilateral ties with Jamaica.

No evidence to support Bain's claims, says attorney

The University of the West Indies (UWI) has asked the Full Court to rule that Professor Brendan Bain has brought no evidence to prove that he was defamed when it issued a statement about his termination.

Reach One Child inspires Jamaican primary school students

The Reach One Child (ROC) Foundation, the brainchild of entertainers Cherine and Patrick Lindsay, will today begin its fourth annual ROC School Tour under the theme 'Stand 4 Something'.

DEAR COUNSELLOR - Lost the will to live

MY COUSIN has had a very rough last five years of her life. She retired from her work after a very successful career. She was not prepared for retirement. She was expecting that they would keep her on or at least be offered a contract. When that did not happen, she was devastated.

You're alive - thank God!

HELLO MI neighbour! Don't miss the purpose for which you were awakened this morning!

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