Shawleen Davy

It was at Bishop Gibson High School that Shawleen Davy's third-form teacher, Fiona Stewart, created a deep love of chemistry in her heart....

A family of film-makers

"Although Donna may tell you I'm a work in progress, I could not wish for a better partner than Donna in work or marriage," Paul Noble of Mongoose Productions Limited tells Outlook of his 36-year marriage and 40-year working relationship with the love...

Losing weight with acupuncture

Some try dumb-bells, others turn to running or even resort to taking pills in order to lose weight.

Golden years for a golden couple

It has been 50 years since Bishop Windell Rankine and his wife as well as partner in ministry, Reverend Dorothy Rankine, said 'til death do us part'...

Celebration of Independence

The new French ambassador to Jamaica Jean-Michel Despax and his wife, Line, arrived in the island just in time to celebrate their country's 225th year of independence on Wednesday, July 14.It was a night of fine wine...

Altanta's fashion affair

Recently, Norma Martin, alongside Weston Haughton, directed and produced 'A Fashion Affair' at the Holiday Inn Select Ballroom in Atlanta, Georgia...

Ashamed of a hand job

Q: Doctor, should I tell my wife about what happened to me on a business trip to Miami?I must explain to you that we have been happily married for 10 years and have two young children.I have always been a 'good husband' up...

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