Miss Jamaica UK Cherelle-Rose Patterson

With a ready smile, quick humour and sharp focus, it's near impossible to dislike Cherelle-Rose Patterson; the judges certainly didn't.

Style 180 - Yvonne Roofe

In celebration of Gleaner's 180th anniversary, we continue with our Style 180 feature to showcase the evolution of individuals' styles and trends. This week, we feature the transition of Inspector Yvonne Roofe, who has come a far way in a few decades, but still loves being conservative and fashionable.

Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa Rejuvenation

Taking you back to that carefree state of mind as in the days of the Garden of Eden is the ultimate mission of Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa in St Andrew.

What women want ... in a car

DETROIT (AP):What do women want in a car? The same things men do - with subtle differences.

Dear Doc:An affair that led to blisters

Q:Please help me, Doctor, because I recently had an affair and now something is terribly wrong with my vagina. I am a widowed lady in my 30s, and until last month, I had not had sex for many years.

Mmmm ... Stuffed, twice-baked sweet potatoes

Apples and sausage and sweet potatoes, all baked up together.

Are babies 'new-parent proof'?

Scratches and cuts, a fall, any hint of the sight of blood, excessive crying ... .

Astra: a night under the stars

THE NIGHT was young and so were the fashionably chic who came out to partake of the all-inclusive festivities titled Astra: A night under the stars.

Frenchwomen bid topless sunbathing 'adieu'

PARIS (AP):France's summer is fast becoming a memory, and so is one of its iconic beach sights: the topless woman.

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