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Gay gropers will teach 'em a lesson

Published:Tuesday | August 5, 2014 | 12:00 AM


This is my account of the story Karen A. Lloyd told in her August 3, 2014 Sunday Gleaner column, 'My vagina is not public property'.

The hundreds of thousands of Jamaican women who have ever been thoroughly embarrassed or demeaned by unsolicited, rude advances from strange Jamaican men in public could find some ironic form of justice in the daringness of homosexual men who are now hunting brashly in the open.

I had this joyous eureka moment when my 'non-homophobic' boyfriend conceded that his only objection to homosexual men is their increased and indiscriminate man-chasing. He said while he cared little about their sexual orientation, he would be very incensed if a man were to find him attractive and then proceeded to 'check' him out.

I had to have a go at his galling chauvinism. My rebuttal was ready; it had been ready ever since I was a pubescent girl with small knobs for breasts which young and older boys alike were tempted to test out.

Ninety-nine of every 100 heterosexual men, I began, who have ever catcalled, groped or cursed at me, a heterosexual woman, for not responding, pausing or chatting with them was a massive inconvenience tantamount to sexual harassment.

His retort? A heterosexual's advancements towards another heterosexual is 'natural'.

I ended the argument. Besides the fact that one's sexuality does not precede him or her and has never, Jamaican men practise an offensive and disrespectful form of mate-seeking, and until they are willing and able to pursue a woman showing due respect for her personal space and body, I could not ask a homosexual man to do differently.