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Forming the ass with anti-gay rhetoric

Published:Wednesday | July 16, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Annie Rose Kitchin, Guest Columnist

What a contrast between the July 14, 2014 letter from M. Browne ('Gay rights are rights for all'), characterised by love, compassion and respect for others, and those in the same edition from Verna Gordon Binns ('Anus not built for multitasking') and Derrick Gillespie ('Gay-rights lobby has no case'), characterised by ignorance, inaccuracies and downright lies.

To take Ms Gordon Binns first, she confidently defines the term 'buggery' for us as follows: "The penetration of the erect male organ into the mouth" - no, Ms Binns, that is called oral sex, and it is neither buggery, nor is it illegal! - "or anus" - OK, you got that one right - "of another male, or female, or BEAST" - no, Ms Binns, that is called bestiality, and has nothing whatsoever to do with 'buggery'.

The headline, 'Anus not built for multitasking', also reveals another misunderstanding about human biology. Ms Gordon Binns does not seem to appreciate that human beings are the most adaptable animals you can find. If we had stuck with our original forms, we would still be living in trees and moving about on all fours instead of standing and walking erect. If Ms Gordon Binns had been alive at the time, she would have been trying to stop this dangerous new development from spreading.

As for Mr Gillespie, he confidently states that "scientific studies" have shown that "there is no gene for homosexuality". So? How does that affect the price of butter? There is no gene for heterosexuality either. Can he really be so ignorant of basic biology as to believe that all human characteristics are determined by specific genes?

distorting research

He further states that "scientific studies" show that gay men "are a major health risk in terms of public health". Now, I want Mr Gillespie to show me which scientific study makes such an asinine claim; it is no more possible to claim this than to claim that uncircumcised men are a major health risk.

Indeed, one of the leaders in the field of HIV/AIDS research, Dr Chris Beyrer, actually wrote to your newspaper complaining that his research was being distorted and misused by people of Mr Gillespie's ilk, and asking for them to cease and desist - yet here is Mr Gillespie making the same mendacious claims!

Mr Gillespie then goes on to fly in the face of what the experts have been saying and writing over the last umpteen weeks in the wake of the Bain non-issue: he states that "scientific studies" show that "abolishing buggery laws does not improve access to, or have gays make increasingly use of, health care", which is, quite simply, a lie.

I am constantly amazed at the capacity of some people to snoop and pry into the intimate lives of consenting adults, when there are issues crying out for outrage, protests and action from us all:

The trafficking of young girls, lured away by unscrupulous criminals to disappear without a trace;

The need for a proper investigation into the actions of police and soldiers during the Tivoli operation under the previous government and the responsibility of politicians in all that occurred;

The reason for Ellington's abrupt retirement; the fact that, to date, no application has been made to the National Environment and Planning Authority for the 'development' of Goat Islands, yet this is apparently a fait accompli;

The preference of successive governments for borrowing billions - which then have to be paid back with a constantly devaluing currency, thus hijacking the future of our children and grandchildren - rather than investing heavily in education, education, EDUCATION, so as to produce young people with the knowledge and the skills to be innovative and creative, thus broadening the economy and creating prosperity.

These are, inter alia, the issues that demand our attention and our commitment, and not what individuals do with each other in the privacy of their bedrooms, which is absolutely NONE of our business.

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