Mon | Oct 15, 2018

The paradox of not judging

Published:Saturday | July 19, 2014 | 12:00 AM


In the heated debate surrounding LGBTQ lifestyles, one of the phrases I've come to increasingly detest is, 'Don't judge!'

Implicit in that statement is a judgement on the act of judging, thus rendering the speaker both incoherent and hypocritical, since he is contradicting himself by engaging in the very act he is currently condemning (i.e., judging).

It is important to note that we must be gentle and loving in our interactions with all people, regardless of the views they express. And it must also be noted that judging another person's behaviour and judging another person are two different things.

But equally important is the fact people are sometimes offended simply because you disagree with them, no matter how respectfully you package that disagreement. Jesus did absolutely nothing wrong in His entire life, and look at the response He got - a painful, humiliating death.

I implore persons to instead say to Bible-believing Christians, "I disagree with your judgement on this issue," or "I don't approve of your reasons for this position." But please, do not cite the phrase "Don't judge!" outside of its logical, original scriptural context and use it as a weapon against God's word and truth.