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LETTER OF THE DAY - Top-cop applicants must bring crime plan

Published:Tuesday | July 22, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Like the CEO of any organisation, the police commissioner's primary responsibility is to achieve specific targets set by the board - in this case, the Police Service Commission. In order to satisfy the board, the CEO must present his vision of how he will achieve these set targets.

Now that the commissioner post has been advertised, I am once again finding it very puzzling why it refuses to stipulate that applicants present a comprehensive plan on crime reduction.

If any applicant is unable to furnish the commission with this plan of action, he or she should not be considered for the post, as that would be the clearest indication that such a person would only add to the list of ineffective and failed police commissioners the country has had over the years.

What can they bring to the job?

We notice that many in the present leadership of the JCF are voicing strong opposition to outsiders getting the job, but why should Jamaicans believe that any of the current crop of police possess the requisite skills to get the job done to the satisfaction of the long-term interest of the nation?

We have every right to doubt their ability to get the job done satisfactorily because at the moment they have a collective responsibility and opportunity to fashion measures to combat crime, yet they all appear to be impotent to do so.

It would not be so tragic if the country could look back and remember even a crime plan that did not work very well. Instead there is nothing looking like a plan to fight crime in this country.

On what basis, then, can any member of the present leadership of the JCF claim to be deserving of consideration to be the next commissioner of police?