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Can a man really stay monogamous?

Published:Monday | July 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM

 Dave Rodney, Contributor

A few days ago, I decided to play the devil's advocate for a hot minute, so I posted the following statement on social media to measure responses.

"How many more centuries is it going to take for Jamaican women to realise that all men need multiple relationships simmering at the same time to be completely and truly happy? This nonsense about men being faithful is a myth that is generally not supported by reality. Not in Africa nor anywhere else on the planet. Give a man Miss Universe as a bride, and he quickly runs off with Miss Yellow Yam. God built men like Digicel devices, designed to roam in many different coverage areas. The notion of a faithful man is, at best, a fairy tale, and, at worst, a big fat lie. The nature of man is curious, predatory and devilishly sexual, and sooner or later, he wants to know what pleasures lie beyond matrimonial incarceration."

Predictably, the fire and brimstone was to follow. Here are a few of the numerous responses.

Nana: Yes, this statement is true. Most men will roam until the

minutes run out - then they come crawling back.

Bill: The statement is a hard-to-take but true fact to accept. Evidence shows that monogamy is a rarity among mammals. Only three to five per cent of all the mammal species on Earth practise any form of monogamy. In fact, no mammal species has proved to be truly monogamous.

Cindy: I cannot even verbalise what I am thinking right now.

Janne: Not all men. Not my ex-husband. Not my current boyfriend. Some women display more of a need for excitement/variations from a rut/drama - usually the ones that can support themselves. You will be treated how you allow yourself to be treated - male or female.

Henny: I think someone is smoking some bad weed to believe that foolishness. No one can honestly maintain relationships with multiple partners. Someone will get neglected.

Aandy: Humans - male and female - may not have been built for monogamy ... but our civilisation requires self-control. If men cheat more than women (and I say IF, because Lord knows some of my sisters are sly with it), then it is the result of centuries of the Judeo-Christian construct that regards female infidelity as a greater offence than male infidelity. People need to be honest with each other. If you feel the need for more than one partner, be up front with it and give all parties the option of opting in or out.

Tommy: Only fools convince themselves that all men and women are monogamous. No such thing. Men and women, to an extent, are not made up in their DNA to be monogamous. The contract that women and some men use as defence for monogamous relationships is this thing called marriage. That contract is governed by the State and, I for one, do not want any State to have control over my personal affairs, much less admonishing me on who I sleep with.

Barbie: Do men realise that the multiple women they are running to are having multiple relationships too? Take the fact that the genders are basically equal in numbers - one to one. So if a man has six women, it means that these women have multiple partners too. So, men, don't think you are the only ones doing the playing. Many men are running around out there and not minding their own businesses a yard, then they open doors for others to come in. An unsatisfied woman is apt to choose appropriate satisfaction. Pain is pain and remedy is taken. Women are not stupid people. She is a thinker and is smart.

Mike: I am a landline ... I can only be used from home and I cannot roam.

Kulcha: The day women truly understand the real differences between the genders is the day we will live happily with a lot more love and unity.