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Response to Yanique's Quest

Published:Monday | July 28, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Our readers have been tuning in to what some are calling our new reality dating series, Yanique's Quest. A mother of four, Quest has decided to give the dating scene a new try and chronicle her experience in the Flair. Here is what some of our readers have to say.

As I smile and contemplate your quest, I wish you the best of luck, my dear, all in good faith. I am a single mother and I have encountered many Marlons and less. This has been very disappointing and I'm left to wonder if I'm looking in the wrong places. I have now stopped and will wait on a better encounter to find me.

- A.O.

I have given up on men. If it happens, it happens, but it's so hard to find an honest one. You have to be second-guessing everything they say because they never talk straight. These men make me shake my head whenever they pull this 'crap'.

- A.

Another good article, Yanique Quest. You do realise, though, that for some women, Marlon's response would have been perfectly ok, depending on what was priority on their agenda? What was a red flag for you ... may very well have been interpreted as strength or may even be a turn-on for others. The good thing is that you learnt what he was about from the get-go and were able to decide if he was packing too much heat for you ... lol. Keep them coming. #enjoyingmuch

- C.R.

It seems Yanique will be coming across all types of men on her 'quest'. Again, a typical case of a woman looking for companionship and bonding when all the man wants is sex. He raises the issue of sex on the first date. Most of us men are hoping to reach that point, or even some making out, on the first date. It is up to the woman to uncover those intentions before it's too late. I wonder what kind she will come across next?

- A.

I have been waiting all week for this. It's funny how these days people treat sex like a casual thing and expect it for just about anything. I have heard men talking about women not wanting to give up their 'goods' on a first date, like it's a requirement. I blame women too, though, because they have gotten so desperate for companionship and spread their legs so easily that men believe it's the norm. Hats off to you, girl, let them know it doesn't go like that.

- K.S.

Girl, stop leaving me wanting more. Lol, love it

- T.M.

I loved this piece, Miss Quest, and understanding the dating life of a single parent. I was so drawn in to the writing, mi vex seh it done already ... lol. Definitely looking forward to more articles and updates!

- J.J.

Yanique, I found your article to be right on target. Even though I'm not a single parent, I have seen the struggles of my girlfriends as they seek to find a life partner who must accept the package that they have to offer. I must commend you for putting yourself out there and can't wait to read more of your dating saga. I have sent the article to my girlfriends and, hopefully, they will be able to learn a thing or two.

- S.