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Human 'rights' can become wrongs

Published:Friday | March 25, 2011 | 12:00 AM


I find in society today a strident infringement upon what one considers to be the rights of individuals and of people in business.

I am finding that one can no longer select the persons that they would chose to work in an organisation, as one's choice in these days could be considered discrimination. In the denial and limitation of choice in the selection of persons that one would choose to work in one's company; particularly so in a small enterprise where one is taking risks that others might wish to shun; when one's choice is exercised, one becomes discriminatory in the minds of others.

This is a very perturbing feature for businesses and individuals, as it encroaches on and diminishes the rights of these others. I do think the time has come to sit and reflect on this matter, as society is more developed by the developing of the humanity of those considered normal - the vast majority of us - rather than the listening to the stridency of the not-so-normal and aberrant, as they seek the social space to pursue their not-so-normal behaviour, much of which diminishes, in fact, our society, both physically and spiritually.

The behaviour of these strident persons, if all people in society were to act in the manner that they chose, would certainly not improve society.

We need to stop and look at our direction and to consider if we are not, in this manner, creating a human jungle.

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