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LETTER OF THE DAY - You can't catch being gay

Published:Friday | July 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Homosexuality is not transferable, so becoming mainstream is a loaded term filled with a misunderstanding of sexuality. Sexual attraction has never been chosen, and you should very well know that, if sexuality were transferable, most people would just be straight to make the world happy and live happy lives.

There is no gay lifestyle, as there is no straight lifestyle. Gay people live different lives, as do straight people. The common difference is that they are largely discriminated against and denied public and social rights. There is a little singularity in their views and opinions, and grouping them like that only serves to marginalise them.

The real issue is that gay people are being denied having the same rights as straight people.

For those who stand against the decriminalisation of the buggery law in Jamaica, I'd like to point out that the basis for which vaginal sex is legal and legitimate is because a majority of persons practise it. It has nothing to do with procreation, or else birth control would be illegal. It has nothing to do with nature, or else oral sex would be illegal. It has nothing to do with the Bible, or else fornication and adultery would be illegal.

We just want gay people to be hidden and unseen, right? Yet straight people should be free to publicly express their happiness.

It seems as if we are now wired to systematically hate homosexuals, and our hesitancy to accept homosexuality in our society stems from this culture of hate.

When a person talks about homosexuality, they make it seem as if the LGBT community is saying, "Be gay! Come to our side!" Truly and clearly, they are saying the love they share is the same love we share as heterosexuals and that they should be respected equally.

I respect homosexuals as people. I believe they are entitled to all the rights that people in a modern society enjoy. It's time we just focus on the important stuff and get a grip.


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