Sun | Jul 15, 2018

Sangster harks back to bigoted past

Published:Friday | July 11, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Dr Alfred Sangster's column ('CAUSE editorial and the culture war', July 10, 2014) was ironic to say the least. He uses a Western-imposed religion to defend a British colonially imposed law, which he then determines is indicative of Jamaican culture!

What Dr Sangster fails to grasp is that calling for the anti-sodomy law to be read down to respect the right of consenting adult homosexuals to engage in private intimacy is a principle enshrined in our national anthem: "Teach us true respect for ALL!"

On a more troubling note, the article discredits Dr Sangster's legacy as the former head of the College of Arts, Science and Technology, which evolved into the University of Technology (UTech). In 2012, the world witnessed the savage beating of a young gay student by security guards at the university, while a barbaric mob of other students egged them on.

Thankfully, UTech is trying to correct this backward image. It is, therefore, very fortuitous that Dr Sangster is no longer part of this university community, as he would clearly like to drag our society back into the dark, bigoted past.



Montego Bay, St James