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Witness in Mario Deane case gets six months in prison

Published:Saturday | October 18, 2014 | 12:00 AM

Fahdean Ferguson, the man who escaped from police custody while participating in a video identification parade in the Mario Deane murder case, was sentenced to six months' imprisonment when he appeared in the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday.

Twenty-one-year-old Ferguson of a Spring Mount address was in custody for housebreaking and burglary at the time of his escape from custody.

The facts are that on September 13, Ferguson was transported from the Barnett Street lock-up to the Montego Bay station to participate in a video identification parade, in connection with the case of the fatal beating of construction worker, Mario Deane, while in custody at the Barnett Street Police Station on August 3. Ferguson was waiting in the holding area to be transported back to Barnett Street, following the parade, when he escaped.

During Ferguson's sentencing hearing yesterday, his attorney Lavern Walters told presiding magistrate Carolyn Tie that the defendant had acknowledged that he was wrong to escape from custody.


"What he (Ferguson) did was wrong, because it had certain negative connotations throughout the country, and I myself was concerned for his safety," said Walters. "I believe there is still hope for him; he is redeemable, and he is very apologetic."

In handing down sentence to Ferguson, Tie said that the defendant's social enquiry report indicated past opportunities to learn from previous encounters with the law.

"There are consequences for all the choices that we make. You need to understand that once you serve your sentence, that does not mean you cannot make a change," the magistrate added.