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On the matter of crime

Published:Thursday | January 29, 2015 | 12:00 AM


A advice to the government of Jamaica on the matter of crime that is rocking the country since the start of the new year is not looking good on the nation at this time when investment and growth should be paramount for the country development. I propose the following:

1. Setup a committee from parliament to visit areas that are been affected mostly by crime, and see what is the problem facing the residents

2. Set up youth clubs that will provide skills training and other opportunities for young people.

3. Establish a home work centre for the children to do their assignments when they get home from school.

4. Have regular competitions such as football, cricket netball, and others for more unity so that peace will be paramount in such areas.

At the end of every year, any community that has less or no crime, that area should receive a Governor-General award for their good effort to reduce crime and let that be a community of hope and joy.

As a member of the Anglican Church of Jamaica & the Cayman Island. I cannot leave out the spiritual side of the matter: ask the church to assist in this crime reduction plan by giving counselling and prayer to persons to let them see that God is at work for them.

Jamaica is our home and as a citizen I am frightened to see what has happened at the start of 2015, which is the year of our Lord.