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Michael Abrahams: Beauty and the priest

Published:Monday | February 2, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer Father Richard Ho Lung, former head of the Missionaries of the Poor.
Undoubtedly the picture of the year. Youth and Culture Minister Lisa Hanna pulled in thousands of views and sparked controversy after this picture was posted online.

Michael Abrahams: Beauty and the priest

Michael Abrahams tears into Father Richard Ho Lung for his criticism of Lisa Hanna.

"Father Ho Lung's recent tirade ... amused, offended and perplexed me. Someone must have spiked his communion wine with insane feline urine, prompting him to spew such rabid holy crap.

"Paradoxically, by publicly admonishing her for engaging in attention-seeking behaviour, he has resurrected a dead non-issue from last year and brought her photograph to the nation's attention once again. Ms Hanna should thank him for the free publicity."

Read his online column at today.