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My mother-in-law is moving in

Published:Tuesday | February 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Q My sons ages 15 and 12 are unhappy. They are used to their own rooms, and now that my wife's mother is coming to live with us, that will change until she dies or leaves. I am not sure I am happy with the decision. How can I convince my wife to settle for plan B - a nursing home?

A You need to discuss the plan to have your mother live with you without your sons present. You will need to consider the financial side of the issue as well as the emotional impact it will have on the family. Talk things over with your sons before their grandmother moves in.

Importance of male role models

Q My pastor has shared the importance of male role models for young men. Is this necessary?

A It is good when a mentor is of the same sex as there are issues that may be easier to discuss. Even more ideal is if possible, that the father of your son play a significant role in his life.

Natural the way to go

Q My daughters, 17 and 15, are conflicted. They see other girls wearing lipstick and nail polish and like it. My husband and I are conservative, modest Christians who do not believe in make-up and jewellery. Is it okay to tell the girls that even though others wear it, we think natural is the way to go?

A Do not apologise for what you believe in. Teach your daughters to love their natural hair, no make-up skin, and nails.

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