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Clarendon Inter-Agency Network working for improved service quality

Published:Saturday | January 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Cecelia Campbell-Livingston, Gleaner Writer

The EXPRESSION unity is strength is the driving force behind the more than one year old Clarendon Inter-Agency Network (CIAN) which was established in September 2013.

The network was formed, among other reasons, to improve the quality of service delivery to residents through effective and efficient collaboration among service providers and to identify community priorities and appropriate responses to community needs.

In an interview with the chairman of the CIAN and mayor of May Pen, Scean Barnswell, he told Rural Xpress that it was a joined-up approach (joined-up government) for effective service delivery, sharing of resources and ideas to foster a good working relationship between agencies in a bid to further strengthen efficient and effective service delivery.

The network comprises 20 government agencies, some of which include the Social Development Commission (SDC), Clarendon Police Division, National Solid Waste Management Authority, Child Development Agency and Clarendon Parish Council.

According to Mayor Barnswell, since its formation CIAN has had a big impact on the parish. The interpersonal relationship among agencies has improved due to the partnership approach. Sharing of information between agencies has reduced response time to customers (citizens) queries, he said.


Its not smooth sailing for the organisation as there are a few bumps in the road in carrying out its mandate.

Most of the agencies are not self-financed or have provision to apply service fees; therefore, the implementation of projects is dependent solely on the parish council, which is also operating in a tight fiscal space, explained Barnswell.

CIAN has been pushing several initiatives including a workshop for its partners on adopting best practice in good customer service delivery.

The Clarendon Parish Council also partnered with the Transport Authority of Jamaica, the Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC) and high schools in the central and southern parts of the parish in a pilot project dubbed Safe Schools Transportation System in September and, for the mayor, its another success story.