Tue | Oct 16, 2018

Boyne wrong on Christian defence

Published:Saturday | January 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM


Columnist Ian Boyne, as he closed his column (The latest war on Christmas Sunday, December 28, 2014), wrote the statement used as a caption for this letter. Christians, according to Boyne, have undervalued apologetics and intellectual work for too long.

It would go beyond the scope of a letter to the editor to simply prove how absolutely wrong he is on the Christian approach to apologetics a word which simply describes the defence of the Christian faith. Rather, it is Boynes consistent attack on the intellectual scope of Christian writers and thinkers possibly the very scriptures itself, which is deserving of a response.

For a man who has publicly declared himself to be a Christian to so advance the intellect of those who are atheist, on a fairly regular basis seeking to elevate the thoughts of godless men and women above those of Christian writers and thinkers, is in and of itself rather strange to say the least.

Boyne closed that rather long and atheistic defence article with these words. I fear Christians wont be having a happier New Year at all.

Since you say you are a believer in the death, burial and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, Boyne, then you have included yourself among those who will be most unhappy in the New Year.

Holy Spirit

However, those who have come to experience the tremendous joy, peace, love, security and assurance of sins forgiven yes the born-again human being rightly related to the Holy Spirit such persons have utterly no time to embrace unhappiness, Ian Boyne.

Our blessed Saviour continues to give of Himself, continues to cleanse, pardon and release from sin all those who humble themselves, see their need, and reach out to Him. Since you say you have truly embraced the Christian faith, Ian Boyne, you need to change the essential nature of the what and the how of your writing within the public domain. Many who hold firmly to Christ continue to find much of what you write to be unsettling to say the least.

Patrick H. Grant