Sun | Feb 23, 2020

Say no to women priests

Published:Saturday | January 3, 2015 | 12:00 AM


I refer to the letter by Luis Gutierrez on page 9 of the Daily Gleaner of December 31, 2014, calling for ordination of women as priests. He also referred to your own editorial on the subject, which I did not read.

I wish to point out that the Catholic Church is a divine institution and is governed by what Jesus, the founder, handed down to the apostles and commissioned them to teach their successors.

Jesus had many prominent women disciples. He broke down all barriers against women of His time, but He did not ordain any of them priest. He ordained males only to the priesthood, even Judas whom he knew would betray Him. His priests/apostles did not ordain women as their successors. Paul instructed Timothy, What you learn from me entrust to faithful men who in turn will teach others.

Since their successors, the Popes, from time to time, declared that they have no authority to do so and they are the ones in a position to know the limit of their authority. These spineless and irresponsible men should stop hiding behind womens frock tails, accept their responsibilities as men, and leave the women to play their roles.

The strength of women does not lie in taking on the role of men. It is because our men have abdicated their responsibilities why women have to fill the void. If it were not for them, things would have fallen apart already. So instead of trying to make matters worse, menfolk should wake up to their responsibilities and roles as men and set examples for the younger generation to follow. Shame on you.