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Rage over IUC non-payment of lecturers

Published:Saturday | December 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM


Please permit me space to level a complaint against the International University of the Caribbean (IUC) in light of the article 'IOUs From IUC - Staff cries foul, as university struggles to pay but administration promises to fix shortly' published in The Sunday Gleaner, August 24, 2014. Up to the time of penning this letter on December 4, IUC has failed to honour its promise to 'fix it'.

The desire to help students aside, when a person works, it is with the understanding he/she will be paid. When you enter into a legal agreement that stipulates specific conditions, it is wrong to keep blindsiding the party that has held up his/her end of the contract.

It is downright disrespectful the manner in which those persons responsible treat lecturers - not returning calls and blatantly refusing to answer once you identify yourself as a caller. On the off chance you actually speak to the person in charge, such person is evasive and condescending.

If there is a genuine financial problem, it is only decent that the college be upfront with lecturers. However, if, as I was recently told by an administrator when I inquired, "The college is not broke," why this impasse?

Does one have to resort to legal warfare to recover payment for work done six months before with not even a promise of when you may POSSIBLY be remunerated? Or must one resort to trickery and underhandedness or behave like a virago to get what is rightfully yours?

What is to become of an institution which forces lecturers to withhold exam grades and other course material to force an administration to honour its financial obligations? Could it be that the administration of IUC is indifferent to lecturers' financial obligations?

Something needs to be done by the regulating bodies (the education and labour ministries, as well as the University Council of Jamaica) to ensure that the IUC desists from this ongoing illegal and unprofessional practice.

Also, IUC needs to have the guts to come clean. After all, if you are that broke, why do you keep hiring? In addition, if you continue to alienate good lecturers, you will be forced to hire substandard ones. The word is spreading. Take heed.