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Published:Saturday | December 6, 2014 | 12:00 AM

"Do you think the emergency health services are adequate to serve the Negril/Lucea geographical area?

  • Sydoney Brackett, administrator

No, it's not. I can recall sometime ago, a young girl died in Negril after she was hit by a car. There is no hospital in Negril, and the road is not good going to Sav, so imagine the additional trauma a person's body has to go through. I think a hospital is needed in Negril, and the Lucea Hospital certainly needs to be upgraded.

  • Donald Campbell, farmer

There is no way it can be adequate. It is woefully inadequate for all cases, not only trauma. Sometimes you have only one doctor on duty at the Lucea Hospital, and the wait time is very long.

  • Othneil Pryce, manager/farmer

Most certainly not. With the large numbers of passengers traversing that route daily (hotel staff, guests and other travellers), and with the high number of accidents which occur annually, there should be an Emergency Medical Response unit located between Negril and Green Island, along with that at the Lucea Fire Station.

We boast about the majestic scenery that scuba divers will enjoy at the various dive sites between Negril and Green Island and yet there is zero decompression chamber for divers and fishermen who urgently need this facility.

  • Marcel Bogle, education worker

No, because by the time you are to travel with the trauma patients from Lucea to reach Cornwall (Regional Hospital), dem dead. It would be easier if there was somewhere closer where you could stop.