Alex Morrissey

Age  24
Title  Consultant
Company  Jamaicans

With an eye for innovation, Alex Morrissey has taken the promotion of Jamaican music to new heights.

His website is world famous, with fans stretching to the Far East. The 24-year-old deems it an honour to be grouped among some of Jamaica's most accomplished business persons and entrepreneurs.

"Being such a young recipient of this type of award is a huge motivation to continue on my path," he said. Asked if it's happening 'too fast', Morrissey said his life was fast paced generally, as he moves with the quickly evolving trends in technology and social media.

"I am always thinking of 'the next big thing'. As soon as I come up with that unique idea I get started on it right away, either by thinking it completely through using my white board or by sketching it out." His brain never stops.

"Sometimes I don't sleep because I want to spend a few more hours improving my site or coming up with solutions for my social media clients to drive interaction or build up their fan base." The site now has 2.1 million Facebook fans and he aims to increase numbers in countries already with a large fan base (all of North America, United Kingdom and Indonesia).

"Another approach is to focus on reaching countries like Panama, Costa Rica, Trinidad & Tobago, Ghana and Kenya, where reggae and dancehall music are popular."

"That was the milestone where I felt like all my hard work paid off," he recalls of the day he achieved one million fans. "A few months earlier, it became the largest Facebook in the website category in the Caribbean, but reaching one million was really special." For the first time this year, Morrissey's website also won awards. These made him "extremely proud" to be promoting Jamaican music and doing innovative things with technology while strengthening brand Jamaica. Every day Morrissey draws motivation from the number of emails expressing users' appreciation for the site. In the works are interactive apps for the website, for both computer and mobile devices, which should be released to the public by December.

"I am building and growing my social media consulting company. Initially, it was focused on providing solutions for music entities, but now it has expanded and has a diverse portfolio of clients and companies."