Delano Forbes

Age   34
Title  Chief Executive Officer and TV Director
Company  Phase 3 Productions

DELANO FORBES was born into the television and film production business, but he fought the idea of making a career because of, "not wanting to do the same thing that my parents did".

He briefly toyed with the idea of architecture or becoming a pilot, but eventually entered the family business after realising it was indeed his calling.

"I realised that I just could not fight the inevitable, " he stated. Forbes developed a passion for the business and fell in love with Phase 3 Productions, started by his parents Richard and Marcia Forbes in 1984.

Working with the company sporadically, it wasn't until returning to Jamaica in 2001 from studying film and television production in New York, USA, that he took on a full-time role, later achieving his master's degree in the field. His devotion has served to grow the company exponentially, as the Campion College graduate brought a number of vibrant, cutting-edge ideas to the full-service multi-media television and film production company, specialising in live entertainment and sports productions.

"Having somewhat of an appetite to take risks, I brought some new ideas to the table, such heavy involvement in sports production and being the only private company to have a multicamera production truck. Such a huge investment has allowed us to step up our game and expand into areas that would normally require bringing in overseas companies to deal with," he said.

Productions now have a higher quality, with original graphics and novel elements to the local television landscape. "I think we have brought some level of innovation and taken risks that are paying off, creating a more heightened sense of televisuality," stated Forbes, Phase 3's chief executive officer/television director.

The company employs approximately 20 full-time staff and 50 freelancers, with three locations in Kingston.

For his vibrancy and innovation, Forbes was selected as one of the '50UnderFifty Business Leaders Shaping Jamaica's Future' by the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) and The Gleaner, in celebration of Jamaica's 50th year of Independence.