Douglas Lindo

Age   42
Title  Managing Director
Company  Bellindo Limited

Seeing a market for end-to-end distribution of architectural ironware, Douglas Lindo and his wife, Lisa, decided to combine their skills - his in business and construction and her artistic talent - to form Bellindo Limited. A work in progress since 1994, the company began formal operations in 2000.

Lindo's instinct for business was displayed at an early age as he opened his first bank account with the $100 he earned buying and selling comics in prep school. While in third form at Campion College, he responded to a stockbroker's advertisement in the paper and began investing in the stock market, buying shares in a few local companies.

Today, Lindo's early experience handling money serves him well as he oversees Bellindo's operations. The company produces customised wrought-iron products - from household items and furniture to custom railings.

Another division of the company, Perimeter Systems, creates standardised railing systems and other offerings available to customers who might be developing apartment complexes. Bellindo's work can be seen in world-class resorts such as SuperClubs Breezes Montego Bay and Beaches Negril.

"There are hardly any major companies in Jamaica that are not clients," said Lindo. The client base of nearly 1,000 has been developed predominantly through word of mouth and referrals.

"It's an honour [to receive this award] and it's very important that we recognise the next generation of business leaders, because effectively, the mantles rest on their shoulders to redefine the economic condition of the country," said Lindo. "It's about the reality that young Jamaicans need more non-traditional role models with whom they can identify."

Lindo does his best to give back to the upcoming generation by counselling at Moorlands Camp, as well as spending time coordinating the entrepreneurial programme for the business school at the University of the West Indies.