Enola Williams

Age   35
Title  General Manager & KOTE Festival Co-Founder
Company  Redbones Blues Cafe

With an immense passion for using creativity to enhance the dining pleasure of her patrons, Enola Williams has been working tirelessly with her family to maintain the reputation of Redbones Blues Café as one of the best restaurants and cultural watering holes in St Andrew.

The jazz and blues themed restaurant and bar started 15 years ago out of the passion to intertwine food with music and entertainment, while creating an interactive experience. "There is a cosmopolitan and eclectic feel from the diversity of cultures that mix at Redbones making it an extremely special place," said Williams. "Redbones has a very laid-back ambience and friendly atmosphere with a welcoming staff. A restaurant is not just the food you serve. It's like theatre and people come in to have an experience, so the atmosphere and music are important, the lighting, décor, service ... all of these things come together with great food to create the dining experience," stated Williams.

"What makes Redbones special is the importance of maintaining a high level of service while making sure that the quality of food is consistently excellent." Hosting some 100 shows per year with live music and entertainment on different themed nights, the restaurant employs 20 persons. She started working with her family's restaurant after exploring the field of international relations, but eventually discovered that this was what she wanted to do.

Always a problem solver who believes in helping others shine, Williams is also one of the founders of Kingston On The Edge Urban Art Festival (KOTE) that started in 2007. The eight-day festival promotes studio and performing arts in Kingston and with more than 450 artists having participated, KOTE highlights the idea that art can be accessible by anyone irrespective of background.

There are many positive and creative things that happen in Kingston and we are glad to be a part of them," said Williams.