Garth Walker

Age   37
Title  Chairman
Company  Creative Media and Events/Wealth Magazine

'IF YOU know how to boogie ... boogie,' was the life-changing advice from a friend in 2008 that propelled Garth Walker and his partner Leighton Davis to launch Creative Media and Events. "That piece of advice triggered us to delve into the area that we now are and we have never looked back," stated Walker.

They are the pioneers behind the high-society brand, the number one party scene for many years in Jamaica, and for which Walker and Davis were credited for redefining the all-inclusive and themed party experience.

"We have always loved doing events, and when we started Creative Media we diverted from the party scene and started focusing on corporate events," he stated. A year later, during the heart of the recession, Wealth Magazine was born under the tag line 'educate, inspire and empower'.

Despite being discouraged by some persons, they worked assiduously and today the magazine has grown from a quarterly publication to a 100-page bi-monthly with a circulation of up to 5,000, and its own TV programme, 'Wealth Magazine's Business Access'. They also recently launched the first real estate show in Jamaica 'Wealth Magazine Home Sweet Home'.

They currently employ 20 persons. "We rely heavily on creativity and we believe in pushing the envelope. Some of the things we do are not unique, but it is unique in the way we do it," said the 37- year-old married father of two. "Through our wealth brand, we believe that we are setting a foundation for the next 50 years by educating and empowering younger aspiring entrepreneurs. We want Jamaica's youth to think about entrepreneurship when they leave university, as opposed to just getting a job." He added, "Jamaica will always be favourable to entrepreneurship. Through every crisis there is an opportunity. We started a business in the heart of a recession and look where it is now. It has grown tremendously from then to now."