Gregory Burrowes

Age   34
Title  Director
Company  Dolphin Cove

Everybody is searching for a hero, or so the line of the song goes, but Gregory Burrowes stopped searching long ago when his hero asked him to make a sacrifice. He says, "If I can end up being half the man my father has proven to be, then I'd have accomplished a whole lot."

That is the testimony of a young man who sat contemplating his goals and accomplishments in below-freezing Canadian temperatures. He must have thought about the great time he had at Algonquin College and the way he successfully did all that was required of him at George Brown University. By his own words, Burrowes asked a question that everyone asks every so often, starting with the words: "What the ...?"

The weather condition was enough to fill in the blanks. His hero, Stafford Burrowes, posed a simple question. "Can you come home? Your mom and I need your help in the new family business."

The younger Burrowes' star was shining for all to see. His adroit, steady, young mind brimming with ideas was glued to the task of managing a chain of seven shops called Bruno's. Business owner Vince Mila had every confidence in the young man. Burrowes remembers almost having to make a case for leaving a First World management job even with adequate notice. His former boss used all his powers of persuasion. He relented only by offering to hold Greg's job for three months. That was 11 years ago.

Since that time, Burrowes has applied a steady hand, a level head, boundless energy, right-fit innovation, and First World know-how to growing the Dolphin Cove business to the point where between one to three activities or attractions are added every year. His dream is to have Dolphin Cove in Lucea, Hanover, be the largest dolphin park in the world, offering value and giving visitors a memorable experience. There is also a desire to expand Dolphin Cove to every Caribbean island.

Burrowes heaps praises on eternal hero, dad, Stafford and his biggest cheerleader, mom Marilyn. He also has a grateful word for mentor to many businessmen in Jamaica, R. Danny Williams, and acknowledges the insight and guiding experience of William McConnell. In these people, Burrowes finds inspiration and wisdom leaving valuable lessons for years to come.