Jacqueline Sinclair

Age   38
Title  Chief Executive Officer
Company  Juicy Chef

Thomas Edison said necessity is the mother of invention, and so it was when a chef 'invented' herself because she was hungry. It was while at the University of Miami that Jacqueline Sinclair did what surprised many friends as well as her family. She took up and became very good at cooking. Jacqui recalls the poor cafeteria food that motivated her to start cooking her own. The problem was that she hadn't really shown an interest in cooking when she lived at home - so she had no idea how to cook in spite of having a highly developed palate. She couldn't even boil water.

This crisis was quickly overcome. After a few calls home to mother, much experimentation, some burnt fingers and food, everyone around Sinclair was enjoying her delectable dishes. This association with food was deepened when on a break from her master's studies, Sinclair enrolled in the renowned Le Cordon Bleu culinary school. With a diploma in hand and master's complete, she toured widely, working with the United Nations and informally uniting the world through food one kitchen at a time.

Sinclair does not want to be stereotyped as a chef in the regular sense. She has dreams of internationalising Jamaican food in the same way that Jamaican music has made its mark. That is why she goes by the moniker 'Juicy Chef'. This sets her apart. It is more than just a name. It is a testament to Jamaican food, its benefits, and its taste. Juicy Chef is associated with a weekly newspaper column, and her passionate writing has evolved into a lot of work being poured into her culinary lifestyle company, Kingston Kitchen.

The international healthyfood movement has taken note and has asked Sinclair to carry the message and drive the change to 'Meatless Mondays'. Jamaica is the only Caribbean nation selected so far. The project is to be rolled out in 2013. At about the same time, Jamaica should see the launch of her pilot food programme on television and the website www.juicychef.com .

Jacqueline Sinclair is a chef by force of circumstances, a Juicy Chef to the bone by choice and an entrepreneur at heart.