Jason McKay

Age   45
Title  Owner and CEO
Company  McKay Security

With a solid background in martial arts, Jason McKay brings a strict disciplinary approach to business. In 1989, when he started his firm McKay Security, he proposed that it would stand out not just for its level of service, but also the types of services offered.

Offering a unique form of security service in Jamaica, his company primarily focuses on contract security, but also conducts forensic investigations, as well as hostage negotiations and recovery. The company directly employs some 100 persons, but provides employment indirectly for several others. "What makes us novel is the areas of security that we offer," he noted.

With a master's degree in criminology and a forensic investigator by profession, McKay was influenced in this field by his father who was in the security business from the 1970s. The 45-year-old Calabar High School graduate is a member of the Jamaica Martial Arts Squad and the coach of the Jamaica Female Martial Arts team, competing in a number of international tournaments.

A father of two, McKay is also chief coordinator of the Jamaica Taekwondo high school non-violence programme, focused on instilling discipline and pushing the nonviolence agenda. "Among my aims is to use the resources generated from the business to push a number of social endeavours that I strongly believe in. Being a martial artist, I really believe that what we need to push in Jamaica is discipline," said the district constable, who is also a member of the St Catherine South Fugitive Apprehension team.

"Among the things that I invest both time and resources in is martial arts in schools, scholarship programmes and teaching non-lethal self-defence to the Jamaica Constabulary Force. I strongly believe that having a business, outside of providing employment, should enable me to use the income generated to further the society in one way or the other."