Jeffrey Hall

Age   43
Title  Chief Executive Officer
Company  Jamaica Producers Group

Despite his start in in law, Jeffrey Hall was always interested in business. His work in government with the Financial Sector Adjustment Company (FINSAC) was what piqued his interest in mergers and acquisitions and the use of transactions as a way of growing a business. For that reason, among others, Hall said that the Jamaica Producers Group (JPG) has been the perfect place for him to work.

Hall studied economics at Washington University and then went on to earn his masters and Juris Doctorate from Harvard University and Harvard Law School, respectively. He believes that his experience in law taught him to structure his thinking in a way that adds value to his business career.

When Hall joined the Jamaica Producers Group in 2002, it was facing considerable challenges as a historical banana business. The competition from South American growers and natural deterrents such as hurricanes meant that Jamaica Producers was no longer competitive and had to broaden its operations. This is where Hall came in, developing new business models to replace the traditional core. Today, the group covers a variety of areas including snacks, coffee, juice production in Holland, land holdings, and shipping.

Hall is pleased to have been chosen as one of the top under-50 business leaders in Jamaica. "The 50UnderFifty represents more than just acknowledgement of my work and even the work of JP, but it represents a network of people and their businesses that present one of the best hopes Jamaica has of moving forward," he said.

"This initiative might ignite a sense of shared understanding and discourse, a new discourse among this generation of business leaders about how we can work together to grow Jamaica," he added. "I think it would be nice to perhaps acknowledge the 50UnderFifty public-sector leaders at the same time or in the near future, so that that shared understanding can also exist within the public sector, and between public and private-sector leaders."