Justine Henzel

Age   47
Title  Owner and Producer
Company  1962 Productions Ltd

Being born into film, the daughter of Jamaicas premier film-maker Perry Henzell, 47-year-old Justine Henzell's passion for the industry is no surprise.

To this day, the scent of celluloid (film) brings back fond, vivid memories of being a six-year-old child sitting in the editing room with her father, splicing together film ends with a splicer and joiner.

"Every time I smell celluloid, it always reminds me of my father," stated Henzell.

That early influence is evident today in the life of the independent film producer.

She has been overseeing the legacy of the award-winning movie The Harder They Come, co-written, produced and directed by her father, Perry Henzell, which continues to reach a global audience. A remake of the film is in the works for next year.

The production director and one of the founders of the Calabash International Literary Festival, Henzell and her team, this year, staged a special Calabash in celebration of Jamaica 50.

Last year, with Zachary Harding, she launched 1962 Productions to co-produce 'One People', a documentary celebrating Jamaica's global reach in honour of the country's 50th year of independence.

"This was our way of highlighting some of the enormously talented Jamaicans across the world, who are excelling in several key areas. It was a gift to the nation," she stated.

"It is a celebration of Jamaicans' global influence. We are known for our sports, music and food, but there are Jamaicans excelling in their fields at the highest levels all over the world."

The mother of two was selected as one of the '50UnderFifty Business Leaders Shaping Jamaica's Future' by the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) and The Gleaner, in celebration of Jamaica's 50th year of Independence.

Launched in June, the initiative aims to honour 50 Jamaican business leaders under 50 years of age who, based on their current contributions to the business community and the country, are expected to make a significant impact on Jamaica's civic and business landscape in the foreseeable future.